Wu wu wu. We’ve ripped them out, all out. Our floor skirtings I mean. Why? Cause they were just not up to par with our expectations.

Which is why I love my contractor. He is reasonable and willing to listen and when he acknowledges work that’s not up to standard, he’s willing to fix it no matter how taxing it is. Without so much of a protest too.

Anyway, check out the sorry sight post ripping:


And here are the new skirtings being painted…


There’s also a minor problem with downstairs bathroom. We bought a full pedestal sink but totally forgot about the location of floor trap which, unfortunately for us is situated right where the pedestal is supposed to rest on, FOL. Thank goodness we’re only wasting a couple of hundred ringgit to discard the pedestal. But an even better alternative came up….my contractor offered to buy the pedestal from us to use for his own house haha. Also because he felt responsible that he forgot to warn us about the floor trap’s location. Have I mentioned I love my contractor? :)

Oh well, hope everything will be ok the next trip we see the house /cross fingers

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