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Express meal from espresSoup

It’s one of those weekends where we were totally rested, relaxed and had no intention of cracking our brains over what to eat. So we decided to let a shopping complex suggest what to eat for us. Said shopping complex was Kepong Village Mall, our latest favourite plance to hang out because it has a Tesco comparable to our regular one in Mutiara Damansara and quite a variety of eateries inside and around the building.

Looking for something light but fulfilling as we’re not feeling very hungry, we spotted espresSoup.

# – espresSoup.

I like the atmosphere of the place. Tucked at the corner of the mall and shaded by plenty of large potted plants, it was well ventilated and comfortable.

espresSoup, as you may have suspected, serves soups. Specifically, soups that are encased in breads. The bread, called Farmer’s Bread is square in shape and supposedly originated in German.

# – Instructions on how to eat the soup & bread.

I had clam chowder in bread. There was abundance of clams, and the soup was tasty but it was just a little too starchy for my taste. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had wished.

# – Clam chowder in bread.

# – It’s nice watching the soup flowing out of the bread to fill up the specially designed plate.

The curry chicken, on the other hand, was fantastic. The BF was very happy with his order. In fact, he loved it so much that he was finishing up the gravy before the bread. And this is the part where I must give the staff of espresSoup some props; they noticed his almost empty bread bowl and proceeded to bring another bowl of curry gravy for my BF.

# – Chicken curry in bread.

# – Let it flow…

We also ordered a plate of Caesar salad to make up for fibre intake. The greens were fresh & crunchy and not drenched in dressing, just the way I like my salad to be.

# – Caesar salad.

It was a pleasant experience at espresSoup. So the food was not life changing or ground breaking or anything but it’s a nice break from the usual fare we’ve been eating and for a very reasonable price at that. The entire bill including drinks came to only RM24.57.

Kepong Village Mall,
Ground Floor, Lot G1

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