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Need some hair help.

Sigh, I wish I was born with naturally manageable hair. I used to have very thick hair. Being a young tomboy then, I wore my hair in a ponytail ALL THE TIME and little did I know of the magnitude of trouble I was setting myself in. It was only when I developed some semblance of femininity that I attempted to wear my hair down, only to be disappointed by a very noticeable kink across my hair :(

The weird kink was caused by years of having a tight rubber band pressing against my hair. Yes, even at a tender age, I had managed to destroy any chance of having straight, silky hair ever again. For lack of choices I decided to get a hair cut. Gigi Leung, a Hong Kong movie actress was very popular then, and her hairstyle was the most coveted one in school. Every popular girl worth her salt would be spotted with a Gigi (you should read about my Gigi story here).

# – Gigi Leung’s popular hair style then.

Of course, I wanted it too and begged and pestered my Mom to take me to a hair salon. Alas, she gave in and what I got in the end was not Gigi Leung, but instead…I became Mario Mushroom.

# – Mushroom Mario.

It was probably the most tragic period of my life. A couple of years later, hair rebonding arrived on the shores of Malaysia. My hair was so long it was touching my waist but they were unruly, frizzy and remember the kink I had across my head? It was still there. So OF COURSE, I had to beg and pester my Mom to pay for my hair rebonding. A few friends who did it were walking testaments to the awesomesauceness of hair rebonding. Their hairs were straight as an arrow and oh so silky. I thought my terrible luck with hair management was finally ending. RM800 later (man, they were so expensive then!!!!), I finally attained hair nirvana. I loved, loved, loved my hair so much. It’s always straight, no matter how I slept or what I did to it. Granted curls would not hold for more than 1/2 hour but who cares, I had silky, straight hair!

# – My treasured silky straight hair.

Till I found loads, and I mean loads of hair on the bathroom floor trap. My hair was dropping like crazy due to the harshness of hair rebonding. To be honest it really didn’t bother me that much because my hair was so thick. In fact, I had about 3 or 4 sessions after that and to top it all off, I got a digital perm because I was finally bored with straight and silky. Yeap, worst decision I had ever made.

My hair was just never the same since. Eventhough I’ve sworn off perming or straightening my hair, it’s still as dry as hay stack and still falling off like mad :( I seriously do not know what to do. I’ve even almost completely stopped blow-drying my hair but you just can’t get the voluminous effect without a blow dryer, can you? Especially now that I’ve had so much lesser hair I need to blow dry it to style even more, sigh.

# – My digitally permed hair circa 2006.

It seems like I have no choice but to constantly damage my hair in order for it to look semi-decent. It’s all so Catch-22. Do you subject your hair to all these too? Please tell me so that I know I’m not alone :(

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