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Are you Moist Enough?

Just typing that blog title has turned my cheeks scarlet! That’s actually the theme for Vaseline’s Amazing Skin Blog Writing Contest and since I’ve been blogging even before blogs were called blogs, I think I might stand a chance or two to win this thing!

If you’re participating in this contest though, remember that the pictures you’re posting in the blog post must be watermarked with a special Vaseline logo. There’s a simple step in doing so – just upload the pictures to this website and it will automatically generate the pictures for you. Just save them to your computer to be uploaded to your blog later. Of course, remember to submit your blog link and personal details to the same website too ;)

The 75 best blog entries for this contest will be invited to “Celebration of Amazing Skin” Poolside Party and judging from the last Vaseline event I attended, I gather this would be quite an awesome party to attend. There will be entertainment provided by jazz artiste Yuna the dashing comedian, Kuah Jenhan as well as mysterious gifts catered especially for ladies like you and I.

Of course, there are fantastic prizes to be won from this blogging contest! On top of the insane amount of Vaseline products, a total of RM7000 CASH will be given away to the winners! A designer handbag from Coach will also be given to the blogger with “The Most Vibrant Skin”. Wah, I think it’s about time to slap on a lot of moisturiser, hehe. That said, even if I didn’t win anything, I’d be happy just to be one of the 75 bloggers there!

Anyway, here’s my blog entry! /cross fingers

Are You Moist Enough?

Women have different ways of getting “moist”, myself included. Here are my ways:

#1 – There’s the cardinal rule of drinking water to hydrate my body.

#2 – There’s the getting a warm and sloppy kiss from a dog.

#3 – There’s eating supplements to make sure my skin is plump and moist.

#4 – There’s having a hot, manly boyfriend ;) Oh yes.

#5 – And then there’s using Vaseline Amazing Skin moisturiser range.

Are you moist enough? I think I am!

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