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No life? Reload your prepaid card to get one now.

If you’re not a prepaid customer of Xpax, UOX, SOX, Celcom Blue or Celcom Sukses, get registered with either one of them already! There is now a promotion called Reload & Wow going on from 18 August – 10 October 2010 and this promotion is unlike any promotion that you have or will ever see because………………….

there are 20 MILLION RINGGIT WORTH OF PRIZES at stake here, and customers are GUARANTEED TO GET A PRIZE as long as they reload RM20 a week (single or accumulative – as long as it’s within one week)!

Definitely Reload & Wow!

Check out the list of prizes!

  • RM1,000 Cash (limited to 1000 customers)
  • Vodafone V541 mobile phone (limited to 100 customers)
  • Free Friends & Family SMS/Voice on-net (validity from 1 Day to 7 Days)
  • Free AirCash RM5
  • Free Mobile Internet for 1 Day
  • Free Airtime from RM1 to RM15 (valid for 1 Day)
  • Free Minutes to Celcom network (from 5mins to 60mins, valid for 1 Day)
  • Free Call Me Tones (for 1 month)
  • Free MMS (from 20 to 3000, valid for 1 Day)
  • Free SMS to Celcom network (from 20 to 3000, valid for 1 Day)

My favourite prize from the list is of course the RM1000 cash, woohoo! Since I’ve got a 2nd phone now, I think I’m going to get on Xpax! You won’t get to win the same prize more than once so I’m hoping I get to win everything once, all I gotta do is reload RM20 every week. Easy peasy!

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