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Everything you need for your creativity.

Cziplee is one of the caring sponsors for my recent campaign in raising money for Goo’s hospital bed. There’s a story behind how I got to know about Cziplee.

Many years ago, I passed by this massive shop in Bangsar called Cziplee thinking it’s a chinese restaurant. One day, my friend, a native Bangsarian took me to Cziplee for art supplies. I thought I had heard wrongly because why would you go to a chinese restaurant for art supplies?

When we were right outside the shop, I honestly thought he had meant lunch first, then stationery. Of course, when I entered the “chinese restaurant”, I was shocked. It was actually a fully-stocked stationery shop selling everything from ballpoint pens to reference books to easel stands to imported art paints to all kinds of papers imaginable and more!

# – Cziplee in Bangsar.

Cziplee has since become one of my favourite shops in the world. It is synonymous with the legendary notebook brand, Moleskine and of course, I got my very first one from them. They sell a mind-boggling variation of Moleskine and you can definitely find one that suits your requirement.

# – My first Moleskine from Cziplee.

One other thing that I love about Cziplee is their passion in encouraging the development of creativity in people. They recently came up with Artmakr, a platform to provide resources and inspirations to amateur artists & hobbyists, helping them make art and get paid for it as well as to encourage more people to buy original art.

# – Artmakr.

I’m sure there are many people who have no background in art but would like to dabble in it often find themselves at loss as to what materials to get and where. With Artmakr, this will no longer be a problem :)

By the way, you can follow them on Twitter to find out the latest promotions too!

39, Jalan Telawi 3,
59100 Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287-7699

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