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Shopping mall with plane runways.

I’m back in KL after a fantastic time in Kuching International Airport. Ate plenty of good food and literally shopped till I dropped. You know when people talk about shopping at airports, the first thing that comes to mind is how more expensive they are compared to shopping outside. So much so that they skip the airport for other shops outside. I was one of the people with this misconception too.

# – Kuching International Airport.

But spending an entire day browsing the shops in Kuching International Airport has really opened up my eyes. Case in point, I managed to buy two intricately handmade belts for less than RM70. I am so sure if the belts were to be sold in a shopping mall outside, they would have cost me an upwards of RM100…each!

# – Handmade, beaded belts from Sarawak Cottage, Kuching International Airport.

How about the exquisite Sarawak Kuih Lapis that goes for at least RM50 in the city? You can get the same exact cakes for only RM39 in the airport!

# – You can save more than RM10 buying the Kuih Lapis in Sweet Food Convenience Store than from outside the airport.

And lets not begin on the tax exempted goodies. I bought more than RM300 worth of premium chocolates yesterday and if I were to do the same in KL I would not have yielded so many chocolates!

# – Imported chocolates from Eraman.

And who says airport food is pricey and nasty? That’s so not true! I think they’ve come a long way since!

# – Lovely Sarawak Laksa for lunch and Tabaloi for dessert. Yums!

They should call Kuching International Airport a shopping mall with runways. Hehe.

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