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A Sarawak Cottage in the middle of the airport.

This will be a pictorial rundown of my encounter with the graceful Theresa, owner of Sarawak Cottage.

# – This is Theresa.

# – Theresa is the owner of Sarawak Cottage in Kuching International Airport.

# – Theresa sells beautiful things that I wish I could just buy all and bring home. Like this beautiful full Kebaya set for only a little over RM200.

# – How about this cute orang utan souvenir?

# – This cool shoulder accessory that Theresa rocks so much better than I could ever aspire to-_-

# – Or these exquisite handmade cincher belts.

# – OKAY, maybe cincher belt for me but it’s a normal belt for Theresa. FML. When I grow up I want to learn how to dance and get a body like Theresa’s (Yeap, she’s an accomplished dancer!).

# – Bought these two beauties for just under RM70. SCORE!

I had such a fun time shopping with Theresa. She’s got great taste and the stuff that she sells are all specially selected by her. Like Jennifer and Christina, she also sells a great selection of local products like Sarawak pepper, super fragrant Borneo coffee, Tabaloi, sago cookies and many more. However, I was definitely more interested in her fashion related stuff ;)

I was really tempted to get a set of Kebaya but refrained. Next time, I’m coming back for more Theresa!

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Sweet & convenient at Kuching International Airport.

I am now blogging from Kuching International Airport. Sitting comfortably in Coffee Bean, sipping on Snapple and surfing on free WIFI overlooking a sight that still continues to take my breath away after dozens of times; the magnificence of planes taking off and landing.

# – At Coffee Bean, Kuching International Airport.

I’ve had a field day hanging out at this humble-sized but modern airport. There are plenty of shops to browse (and shop) in and a great selection of restaurants for all kinds of food. Since it’s my very first time in Kuching, of course I insisted on trying out a local delicacy. Jennifer, the owner of Sweet Food Convenience Store took me to One Noodle for a taste of Sarawak Laksa. Her sister cum secretary, Christina also came along with us. They on the other hand ordered Penang Asam Laksa for themselves, hehe.

My gawd, these sisters are a riot! They are so friendly I instantly felt at home. They don’t just speak very animatedly but they also literally finish off each other’s sentences. It’s quite an entertainment by itself watching them talk to each other, haha. Christina even revealed something endearingly funny to me. Apparently, Jennifer the eternal tomboy put on a pair of skirt because of me. I’m both tickled and humbled that she made so much effort ;)

# – [L-R] – Christina & Jennifer.

Jennifer started her convenience store business when she took an opportunity to set up a tiny stall during the last major renovation of Kuching International Airport more than 3 years ago. After the airport renovation wrapped up, there was an open tender for new tenants. Realising her passion for the business, she snapped up the chance and that’s how Sweet Food Convenience Store came to be.

Sweet Food Convenience Store is truly a gem of the airport. It sells everything a decent convenience store should and more! According to Jennifer, her prices are also very competitive and most often than not, cheaper than the city. For instance, a bar of chocolate that goes for RM5.90 in the city is only sold at RM4.90 at her place. That said, what I love most about her store is that she sells authentic Sarawakian products like Tabaloi (a must have Sarawak crisps made from sago), Kek Lapis (layered cake with the most intricate designs), Gipang (puffed bario rice bars), famous Sarawak peppers and many more. By the way, she also operates a mini post office in her shop!

# – Just a fraction of the local products sold at competitive prices, if not lower than what’s offered in the city!

Speaking of Tabaloi, they are SOOOO good! Check out how Christina and Jennifer eagerly ripped open a packet of the sago crisps so I could try them.

# – Jennifer is ganas, haha.

There’s a kiddie ride right in front of her store and according to Jennifer, she put it there because she wants children who are bored at the airport to be able to have something to entertain them. Such a thoughtful lady :)

# – Who’s this gigantic child?

Thanks Jennifer and Christina for showing me around, bringing me to eat great food in the airport and just generally being awesome! I haven’t left Kuching yet but I can’t wait to come back again and hang out with them girls :)

# – In front of Sweet Food Convenience Store, Kuching International Airport.

Will blog about shopping in the airport next, w00t!

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