Awesome homemade burgers at Jackson’s Burger.

We totally stumbled on Jackson’s Burger by chance. We were driving around aimlessly trying to make our way to PJ Old Town when the BF asked me to stop. I literally made an emergency stop :P

He has spotted the famous but elusive Jackson’s Burger. Okay maybe not elusive, but we could never have figured out how to go there.

It’s parked right outside a house (which belongs to Jackson, I assume) and somewhat obstructed by a big tree, you might miss it if you’re not observant.

# – Jackson’s Burger.

Operated by a couple (whom I will assume to be Jackson and his wife), they sell all kinds of simple and fresh homemade burgers. There were only 4 types of food listed on the menu – beef burger, chicken burger, fish fillet burger and hotdog but I was told they also sell amazing crab and prawn burgers, which sadly I only found out after.

Apparently Jackson’s Burger has been around for years and is very popular among PJ natives. Blame my judgmental nature, but when it comes to famous food places, I almost always expect the proprietors to be arrogant but this is certainly not the case with Jackson’s Burger. The lady is soft-spoken and friendly. She was very sweet and patient with a girl in primary school who had difficulty recalling her father’s long list of orders.

# – I think they are Jackson and his wife?

By the way, Jackson’s Burger is also listed as a legendary food truck on 4sq ;)

We had a beef burger each and I must say, it really lived up to its notoriety. The patty was juicy, thick and flavourful. With just some cucumbers , onions and chili sauce, it was a simple but very satisfying burger. I like my meat in its natural form, which basically means I don’t crave for frankfurters, spam, burgers or other heavily processed meat but I really like Jackson’s because it tasted very natural and not overly processed.

# – ST was loving it.

Just look at this. So succulent, so juicy!

# – Jackson’s beef burger.

# – I is a happy camper.

If you’ve eaten at Jackson’s, what’s your favourite burger? Tell me please so I know what else to order next time! Thanks :D

No 144, Jalan 14/29 Dato Abdul Aziz,
Section 14, Petaling Jaya,
Open daily from 11am to around 5pm

17 thoughts on “Awesome homemade burgers at Jackson’s Burger.”

  1. The couple use to stay there but have move to puchong. They have been selling there since the early 70s. My dad used to eat there a lot when he was in his 20s, then he bring me there. Now I bring my daughter. Three generations of burger lovers.

    1. way to go. i think this simple couple and their burgers are a “secret” to share. i remember his van parked opposite the taman jaya pond. even then i kept comin back, as his burgers were not greasy and had that homey natural taste. good things need to be passed on :)

  2. just back from Jackson’s…

    it’s at these GPS co-ordinates: N3.104972 E101.631889

    ordered 2 beef & 1 crab, went back into the car, chowed up the beef in a jiffy… was thinking, should i order more…

    an unser mpv turned in, told myself to get in line quick, b4 the others get down….

    woh… that unser came with 2 more cars, about 15 or 16 of them, luckily i ordered b4 them…

    the pack leader came up with a list, and complicated it was… some with double patties, some with eggs, double eggs, others with cheese, etc…

    memory input: never go them at lunchtime – you might just bump into a big crowd….

    lady (mrs jackson?) asked: finished, so fast? 1st time here?
    me: yeah, gimme 1 prawn & 1 fish…

    my few ringgits opinion: my daughter loved the beef, i liked the crab, prawn was good while the fish was ok…

    though i feel the beef was too minced, it was soft in texture, but crispy & had a crunch to it… but i loved the A&W beef patty better ‘cos it’s 100% beef & most importantly, for the beefy taste, smell & texture.

    i believe, to enjoy jackson’s better is to eat the patties on it’s own, then you really can savour it’s individual taste…

    all in all, it’s a simple, biteable-sized burger, best eaten hot, straight from the grill…. just bring your favourite drink though.. for ST, beer will do.

  3. Guys.. l had my first taste of Jackson’s hotdog in 1969. I was at Form 3 then (secondary school). Used to cycle from my residence (Sg Way) to school (Sultan Abdul Samad Secondary School @ Section 12 PJ) & since that first encounter, l enjoyed myself with a jackson’s hotdog at least once weekly. Each hotdog was sold at 70 cents each (1969).. Never miss the opportunity to have one (now).. whenever happens to be around the corner..

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