DIY Nail Art Tutorial – Lavender Bling.

As some of you may know, I’m living on a budget now thanks to the house renovation. Have cut down on a lot of luxuries, particularly manicures/pedicures. My last one, a spa manicure/pedicure at that, was a free one thanks to a voucher given to me by Kerol. Thanks babe!

Since, my nails have been left unattended for weeks and they’re now stubby and unkempt :(

Today, I couldn’t stand any longer looking at my ugly nails so I decided to do-it-yourself. Felt like back in college, where I used to DIY my own manicures courtesy of student budget. I used to rock cheap, long, plastic nails at school so much so that I was asked (read: forced) to cut them off on the spot for a netball game, FML.

This is how my nails look like now.

# – DIY manicure ftw.

I opt for this design because it’s foolproof, and mistake-friendly. I shall call this the Lavender Bling :P

# – Lavender coloured polish, pink glitter polish and silver glitter polish. I love this DHC brand from a stall at The Curve (near Royal Selangor Pewter and Nokia). They’re very reasonably priced and dry up nicely.

# – After applying base polish, apply the lavender polish. It’s very sheer and just gives off a slightly pastel purplish sheen.

# – Next, apply the silver glitter polish at bottom half of the nails.

# – Then, apply the pink glitter polish at the upper half of your nails. At this point, the colours will look abit flat.

# – Lastly, apply silver glitter polish over the pink glitter polish to create a gradient and more 3D effect.

# – Voila, Lavender Bling!

# – Rocking the Lavender Bling.

# – Am very pleased with the results. Saved at least RM60 for this manicure :D

Happy cause I don’t have to walk around with banshee nails now.

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