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Kick-Start Your Dream Career

I like to think that I’m living my dream career. I work for myself, I work from home, my bills get paid (and more) and I get to hang out with my dog everyday.

# – Getting featured on The Star’s RAGE for having my dream job.

It wasn’t easy to arrive at this place though. In between, there were jobs that were just that, 9 hours of boring tasks daily so I could pay my bills and some were just downright nasty. But in the end, with a little courage and a sprinkle of can-do attitude, I broke away from the norm and embarked on the best time of my life.

And now, you can do the same too!

Nescafe Kick-Start Reloaded is offering young Malaysians 15 different Dream Jobs, ranging from game testers to mystery shopper to photojournalists and YOU could win yourself the career of a lifetime. Careers that are so cool that you won’t even think that people actually get paid to do them!

# – The dream jobs up for grabs from Nescafe Kick-Start Reloaded.

Seen any particular Dream Job that tickled your fancy yet? It’s only 3 steps away to be one of the chosen few….

Just go to https://www.kickstart.com.my, create and account and then do the following steps:

# – Step 1: Pick 3 of your most desired jobs from the list and submit to Nescafe Kick-Start Reloaded. This step is in place to select the Most Wanted Jobs.

# – Step 2: After the the Most Wanted Jobs are identified, you will be notified. Next, you must submit a video showcasing the reasons of why you should win the Dream Job. Make sure that video would stand out from the rest to gain the attention of the Nescafe Kick-Start Reloaded judges as well as the public.

# – Step 3: If you’re shortlisted as a finalist, you will be battling other finalists for 24-hours of intense mental & physical challenge at the Nescafe Kick-start Krib, which by the way will be broadcast live over the Internet. Yes, 24 hours to outdo your competitors and to show your potential employers what you’re made of.

At the end of the 24-hour challenge, the employers will choose who they want to hire. They will even have the freedom to choose not to hire anyone because it’s all dependent on the contestants’ performance. So if you think you have got what it takes; passion, personality and perseverance, the all important 3 in 1 ingredients, give this a go and fast track to your Dream Career!

What are you waiting for? Head on to https://www.kickstart.com.my now :)

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