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Time for Ora! Sex.

I’m probably speaking for a lot of people that at times, a supposedly sensual moment could very drastically devolve into a scene right out of American Pie. Chances are that you have tried some tricks or followed some advice from obscure sources on the Internet, some over-the-top rated films or worse, from misinformed overly enthusiastic friends when it comes to your sex life.

# – Do you think you know the right ways of teasing your partner?

# – Could laces and see-through fabrics really set the pulse racing? Or just make your skin very itchy? (HRMMMM, WHY ARE YOU ITCHY?)

# – Is it better to be naked straightaway or begin fully clothed?

# – To take pictures, or not to take pictures? :)

But the ultimate question is……

# – Are you even sure of what you’re doing?

In comes Durex myORA (https://www.myORA.com), a part website, part online community and part magazine for any adult, man or woman, gay or straight to share their experiences, offer inspiration to others and get expert advice on anything and everything to do with sex, sexuality and sexual health.

Backed by Durex, the world’s number one sex brand, myORA is an anonymous and respectful community that helps people to get the best out of their sex lives through a journey of self discovery. It is the ultimate destination to discuss topics that you might have previously been too embarrassed or uncomfortable to talk about.

# – Durex myORA

myORA is also a great place to spice up your sex life with titillating and inspirational articles and forum discussions on various topics such as how to create a sexy night in, top 10 sexy toys for boys, must-see erotic films and 10 things to try in 2010.

Alternatively, you can see what other myORA members are up to and satisfy that exhibitionist in you by baring it all in the “Ora! Confessions” section. There are already hundreds of confessions on the website, ranging from intimate secrets to kinky escapades to romantic revelations :)

# – An easy to navigate website with all that you’re seeking right at your fingertips.

Porn, media, propaganda, music videos and gaming; they have all kidnapped sex and distorted our views of how real sex should be. Baby, it’s time to set the record straight, it’s time to take sex back and we can all start at myORA

# – Lets bring Sex back!

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