House Renovation Update #5 – Bathroom tiles are done and kitchen dilemma.

All 3 bathrooms in the new house have been tiled. The last time I saw them, only the walls were on but now with the floors completed too, we can confirm that our choice of tiles are spot-on.

It’s quite scary at first because without a 3D-render (we’re operating on shoe-string budget here), the design may look good in our heads but might turn out bad in real life. So we’re really relieved that the bathrooms are looking exactly how we want them to be and better :D

Some pictures of our master bathroom:

# – ST is happy because he won’t hit the ceiling washing his head anymore.

# – I’m just happy that I don’t need to shower over a damn toilet bowl now.

Next thing to choose will be the sanitary-ware. We went to Houz Depot last week and was shocked at the sheer amount of things selling there. From tiles to various kinds of floorings to lightings to paint to furnitures and down to the smallest knick-knacks. The stuff sold there are mid-range to high-end brands at considerably lower prices.

Have heard comments that Houz Depot is considered a poor man’s Ikea, but I beg to differ as that place stocks items from various brands, many which definitely have better quality than Ikea’s overpriced proprietary stuff. I suspect they’re able to sell them at such prices due to bulk purchasing but then again I haven’t found out the costs of installation and delivery yet, so it may not be that cheap when all are added up. That said, it’s a great place to see everything all at once and to compare prices. We’ll probably be choosing something from their range of toilet cabinets and sanitary-wares.

Now that the bathrooms are almost done, the next thing to worry about now is the kitchen. For the life of me, I can’t decide on what to do! Even the wiring is not done yet because I can’t decide on where to put the built-in oven and whether to make space for a dishwasher machine. A good friend who is a kitchen designer is helping us but being the fickle minded monster that is me, I still can’t decide. And it’s all because I can’t decide what tiles to put in yet. I love a cosy with a tinge of industrial look to my kitchen but I’m afraid of turning the house into looking like a factory.

And then there’s this issue about the hob that’s been bothering me to no end. We’ve been visiting countless kitchen and electrical shops and all I’ve been seeing so far only have a maximum of 3 burners. But I want 4 or more!!! I know I’m not cooking for a party of 16 everyday but there’s just something about being able to boil, warm, steam and stir-fried all at the same time that really turns me on.

I mean, just check this monster out…..

# – 5 burners with cast iron grids. I’m creaming my pants!!!!!!111

But guess what, they don’t sell it in Malaysia :(

So what to do…I have to continue seeking for my one true hob. Wish me luck!

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  1. Just a note from a person who went thru the same headache as you ;) When looking for hobs, make sure that the burners have got ample space between them. Asian cooking that uses a wok sometimes takes up a wider space that hogs part of the next burner, rendering this burner useless when you’re using your wok. My Smeg hob has 4 burners but they’re placed rather close to each other, so when using a big wok, I can only use another 1-2 smaller pots :/ I got me some oval shaped Le Creuset pots (hehe, you’ll go crazy over pots next) that works beautifully and is also space saving.

    Another feature to look out for would be a triple burner (dunno the exact term) but its basically one burner with more than one ring of fire so if you are in a super hurry/HUNGRYYYY mode, you use this burner as its biggest and has more fire power. Faster and provides more wok hei too. (I noticed that the Whirlpool model you mentioned above doesnt have this feature)

    Also look out for the grill (pan stands) as some types can be a pain in the @55 to clean. The Whirlpool one you mentioned above looks like it can be a real pain to clean! :P So many grills.

    The model I have is this

    Hope my tips help somewhat ;)

  2. Hi Kim,
    Maybe you can consider 2 units of standard 2 heads hob. A little ugly but it is efficient. ANd you can choose not to put it next to each other. I got a Zanussi 4 head hob but only 1 of it is working right now -.-

    First time commenting here.

  3. i miss flame burners……..i have to put up with electric ones….¤E#/¤%”¤”(/(

    by the way, that 5 burner thing you put….that looks like its gonna boost the natural gas industry by a notch.

  4. horng: for sure la!!!!

    suanie: tq!

    yeehou: oooh issit? i’ll ask linda. thanks!

    whimsicaljottings: wow thanks for all the great tips. really made me reconsider my criteria for a hob. i’ll check out the triple burners. didn’t think of the cleaning part with the grills lol, thanks for reminding me!

    cheryl: thanks :D i really love the look of cast iron.

    ky: haha you pwn la

    esther: thanks for the cool suggestion. i think it would be most practically and efficient to have that setup. now lemme discuss with the man of the house hehe.

    ront: yeah i don’t like electric ones lor, like playing masak-masak -_- and yeah, i’m all for boosting the economy, lol.

  5. Yes, yes! Go for the dishwasher! I just don’t understand why Malaysians hardly buy those things. I hate doing dishes, and I don’t mind rinsing them and stacking them up over a few meals to get a full load.

  6. I totally agree with you Kim. I like 4 or more burners, not 3!!! One cook soup, one cooking rendang, one to fry then the one make Tong Sui HOW?!?!?! No more!

    But I didn’t change my hob and went for the 3 burner that existed in the house I bought. sigh.

  7. suertes: my designer said cannot fit and the smaller ones like fisher&paykel cost an arm and leg :(

    june: thanks! :)

    ling: yes! i know right! 3 is not enough!!! time for a change? hehe

  8. Hi there.
    Was looking for a contractor to do cement render floors for my apartment and Google (bless ’em) directed me here.
    Was wondering if you could provide me with the contact for your contractor? They any good?
    None of the contractors I’ve contacted seem to want to do the job and the ones that do are highly dubious.

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