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I want to win RM25,000 with Saga Snap & Win Contest!

My brother owns a Proton Saga 2nd Generation. It’s a great car….very fuel efficient, has comfortable interior, is very spacious, has a compartment to store any object you can think of, drives decently and most importantly, comes with an awesome price tag.

Can you believe it, Proton is celebrating its 25th birthday this year! It’s fair to say I practically grew up with Protons, from my uncle’s first Proton Saga, a 1991 model to my Mom’s Proton Wira in 1999 and my brother’s current pride and joy, a 2009 Saga 2nd Generation model :)

And guess what, the good folks at Proton are giving away RM25,000 to commemorate this momentous anniversary! All you have to do is to take a creative picture with any Proton Saga, caption it under 140 characters and send it off to https://www.sagasnapandwin.com/.

# – Saga Snap & Win Contest.

You don’t even have to own a Proton Saga to enter this contest. And ladies & gentlemen, I’m so bent on winning this contest that I did something rather outrageous by my standards :P

Here is a blow by blow sequence of events…..

First, I sought out a neighbour’s Proton Saga in the parking lot of my apartment’s. Soon, I spotted one and waited patiently till 2am when everyone had fallen asleep. As soon as the clock struck 2am, I put on my Sailormoon costume and slapped on some makeup. Then, I woke the boyfriend up and shoved a camera into his hand.

# – It’s 2am and there’s a crazy person in costume lurking around your carpark.

Next, I dragged him out of the house. Then we marched towards the Proton Saga I had spotted earlier in the day. And then, I posed for pictures next to it.

Ladies & gentlemen, these are the two photos that I’ll be submitting from that little jaunt…

# – Caption: Proton Saga is like a pinup model, a classic but always in fashion.

# – Caption: Proton Saga is my ship that leads me to adventures in faraway lands.

Then the other day, my parents came to visit me in my brother’s 2nd generation Saga so we also took the opportunity to capture some pictures for the contest. I had so much fun posing with my parents and I was surprised at how game they were :)

# – Caption: Our Proton Saga is so awesome, our family break out in dance and a song everytime.

# – Caption: There’s so much space in our Proton Saga, we travel everywhere with smiles on our faces.

So yeah, I did all this for a chance at winning one of the following prizes:

Grand Prize: 2 x RM25,000
1st runners up 2 x RM8,000
2nd runners up 2 x RM5,000
Consolation RM1,000 x 10

If you’re not very net savvy, you can also send in your submissions via post. Print out the image on a 4in X 6in (4R) size on any photographic paper, caption it within 140 characters and mail it to Proton Saga Snap & Win Contest, PG-15A,Ground Floor, Jaya 33, No.3 Jalan Semangat, Section 13, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor with your full name, I.C. number, contact number, mailing address and email address.

I like this contest because the entries will first be judged by a panel consisting of selected members of Proton, professional photographers and members of the media based on relevance, originality and creativity to select 50 finalists. Then public online voting will commence with the top winners eventually determined by 30% of online votes and 70% by the aforementioned panel of judges.

So it’s not really those types of contests where you could win if you have more friends than your fellow competitors, hehe. Which means, I actually do have a shot at this, and so do you!!

The contest submission is ongoing now and will end at 11:59pm, 18 June 2010. You can submit a maximum of 5 entries so get creative, people. Remember to bookmark https://www.sagasnapandwin.com/ :)

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