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Family planning :D

Hrmmm, how do I put this delicately?

This is a uterus. It’s barely the size of your palm.

# – A model of a womb.

And inside it, the T-shaped, green & red coloured object is an IUS, which stands for Intrauterine System. It is a contraceptive device. If you already know what an IUD is, then IUS is kind of like an IUD but with progestagen. But IUS is nothing like an IUD. You still following me?

Okay, basically, there’s IUD and there’s IUS. IUD, which is made with copper, works by irritating your uterus lining and transforming it into a hostile environment for sperms and eggs. IUS on the other hand, works by releasing progestagen to reduce ovulation. So while they look similar in appearance, they are both very different contraceptive devices.

Due to the progestagen releasing feature, the efficacy of an IUS is comparable to sterilisation but is completely reversible and poses lower risks as well as cost a lot less. Progestagen is also found to lower the risks of uterine cancer. Once inserted into a womb, an IUS can stay in there for 5 years, so you can imagine the amount of money saved from buying condoms and birth control pills.

Why on earth am I talking about contraceptives all of a sudden? Well, that’s because Red Mummy and I were invited to a workshop on IUS by Bayer Healthcare and what I learnt there was very eye-opening. The panel consisted of a group of consultant O&Gs and the females doctors are actual users of the device themselves.

# – The panel at the IUS workshop.

The benefits of IUS don’t just end at prevention of pregnancy. It’s also prescribed by doctors to reduce menstrual bleeding and in many cases, women have reported bleeding to be reduced to almost nothing within a year! So for vampire baits out there, maybe you could check out IUS as a solution. We’re always made to believe that expelling of menstruation blood is very important but actually it doesn’t matter. Why the need to expel what your body did not produce in the 1st place? When you bleed less, it also means your uterus muscle contract less and hence, less pain.

IUS is not the type of contraceptive available over the counter. It must be inserted and removed by a trained doctor so get a gynecologist to advise you on it.

# – Me and RM trying to insert a supersized IUS into each other. Do not EVER attempt this!

Like all contraceptives, IUS is not a be all and end all. Study and research carefully all methods and seek specialists’ advice before you embark on one ya.

# – Chewing gum, perhaps a way of the future. Hehe.

Happy not procreating!

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