Cream tea.

Cream tea with the most divine clotted cream and jam in Dunster, a quaint little village in UK. Circa 2008.

I long to have another bite of those scones above. Wish I could get the same stuff without having to fly 11 hours -_- Sigh, it’s just not good enough when it’s not served with clotted cream.

Seriously, it’s quite frustrating that despite being overpriced, the cream tea/tea & scones you find in beautiful Cameron Highlands are served with white, artificial tasting cream and nasty runny jam.

Doesn’t taste as good as it looks :(

The view is great, tea is good and scones are decent….but the deciding factors; cream and jam always, always fall below expectations.

Fantastic view. Don’t mind the foreground :P

So I googled a bit for cream tea with real clotted cream and stumbled upon this list. Yay! But something still sticks out sorely, why are they all so expensive???

I gotta make my own clotted cream soon. Times like this I wish my kitchen is already done.

According to this website,

“You need full cream milk, fresh from the cow. Pour it into a shallow pan, and leave it to stand for about 12 hours for the cream to rise to the surface. Now heat the milk very slowly, until the surface begins to wrinkle: on no account allow the milk to boil- the more slowly the heating is done, the better the result. About one hours gentle heating is what is required. Transfer the pan to a cool place and leave overnight. In the morning the clotted cream can be spooned off the surface.”

Now on where to get creamy, unpasteurised milk….

9 thoughts on “Cream tea.”

  1. looks like a lot of work (and patience). I guess you’ll have to leave the pan for 12 hours in the fridge, or else you’ll get clotted SOUR cream :p

    I think some alternatives use heavy whipping cream instead or milk, which is easier to obtain. Good luck.

  2. I think it would be much easier to make your own scones and buy the clotted cream from cold storage. As for jam, you can make your own too. Here’s a simple recipe. 900g strawberries & 900g brown sugar & 3 tbsp lemon juice. Heat strawberries and lemon juice to a boil then lower heat to simmer for 15 mins. Add in sugar under low heat (don’t stir), when dissolve increase heat to boil furiously for 25 mins. Remove from heat. (if got scum, remove that too). Stir in a knob of butter. Leave for 20 mins for jam to settle. enjoy!

  3. JD: thanks for the tip! so far the only “exotic” cream i’ve spotted is creme fraiche. will check these expat friendly supermarkets again.

    in: ooooh thanks for the recipe!!! sounds simple, always tot jam would take hours to make!

  4. Hi there! Read this blog entry with interest & understand your frustration as i went thru’ the same thing. In fact, I even tried the one at Cameron Highlands Resort (YTL) & found that even here they didn’t serve the Real McCoy.

    Hope u will consider trying mine out coz I found a way to make my own CC.

    Pls cek out my blog.


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