Friendship is delicate.

Friendship is a very delicate thing. No matter how close you think you are to each other, sometimes you would also fight over the most trivial thing. #porkgang had its very first major fight today. We said things that we regretted the moment we finished uttering it. But in the end we got it all out and resolved it. I’m glad we all have the maturity to recognise how silly we could be, then laugh about it and be friends again.

I <3 my porkers. ------------------------ Advertorial

One way to strengthen your relationship with friends is to get on the Blackberry network :) More than half of #porkgang is actually on Blackberry and we can quickly contact each other using Blackberry Messsaging (BBM). That’s a lot of SMS and call cost saved, if your asked me. We also have a BBM group where we share pictures on the go.

Get onto the Blackberry bandwagon by getting a Blackberry Storm2 9520. With no fiddly buttons, you can tap out messages to your friends quickly and painlessly.

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6 thoughts on “Friendship is delicate.”

  1. #5: ky!
    #1 : da man
    #13 : who else, sour-ie… :)

    and more than a quarter of the porkgang population are canines… :D

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