Not happy.

An old friend is back. Used to be a familiar presence in my life but for a few year we’d lost touch. I don’t think I missed much of this character though. Very, very toxic. Drove me mad. Made me think of stupid, silly thoughts. Party pooper. Came back unannounced and uninvited.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to get rid of the asshole. I feel helpless.

Charlie refuses to eat. Then just now while wiping his paws after a walk, I discovered he’s bleeding and I can’t find the cut. Pitt is blind on one eye and half blind on the other. My monthly period is very uncomfortable. I’ve got a hacking cough and I’m sweating like a labourer in this hot, humid weather. These factors do not help to ease my circumstances.

Sometimes I wonder why we try so hard when in the end we all die and get ingested then pooped out by earthworms. Why I crave for love and company when in 60 years or so if I’m lucky, they don’t mean jack shit. Why want to feel anything when you can feel nothing at all?

2 thoughts on “Not happy.”

  1. life’s kinda like a meal, u know at the end the food’s gonna be pooped out and u’re gonna get hungry again. but we still want to have the best possible food we can possibly get our hands on, and enjoy while eating em!

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