Not another iPoop.

My life is forever changed. The very core of my life’s principles have been distorted beyond recognition. It all happened just 10 minutes ago…

I was happily looking at pictures of Heidi Montag’s new breasts and chin when ST decided call me into his room. I know it’s important because he summoned me to physically enter his study instead of just MSN messaging me to serve him drinks or snacks.

On his monitor were pictures of Steve Jobs. He seemed to be giving some kind of talk. And behind him were a picture of a massive iPod Touch, iPhone or whatever. I can’t even tell the difference. “Not another iPoop”, I thought to myself, grunted and started to walk out of his room.

Steve Jobs – needs more black turtlenecks. Picture from Gizmodo.

He stopped me in my tracks and forced me to check out the content on his monitor. And then he played the video….

And then he showed me the price of the nifty device and the surprisingly cheap applications.

An Apple product that is actually reasonably priced!? Picture from Gizmodo.

9.7″ screen. 3g & wireless. iWork. iBooks. Sweet mother of lard leather casing. USD 829.


Ladies & gentlemen, I have succumbed. There is no turning back for me. The evil Epal has trapped my heart, mind and soul. I am officially a shallow, wannabe cool, popular sheep, yay!

I am awestruck kinda hit the spot!

15 thoughts on “Not another iPoop.”

  1. According to the launch, Apple is targeting for:

    60 Days later for the Wifi model
    90 Days later for the Wifi + 3G model

  2. I also want one only if Malaysians can buy stuff off the iBook store at the same prices they charge books for in Amazon. Otherwise we are going to pay for overpriced books :(

    1. reiko: me too! no idea when it’s gonna launch in msia.

      foxtrotecho: yeah..gonna wait for wifi-3g model for sure

      eric: yeah i think it’s not bad. am primarily attracted to the e-book factor all the other function are bonuses. though it’d be even more awesome if i could view flash sites on it and multitask

      yeehou: yeah yeah lets throw a party :P

      ky: me toooooooooo

      mark: probably not :P probably makes more sense to get a friend to get it for me from the states

  3. I’m sorry to be an ass here but anyone who buys the iPad either doesn’t have an iPhone or a laptop. I am a Malaysian living in New York and iPad is an utter joke here.

    Firstly the name, people are thinking they must have no women in their development team. iSlate, iTab or iSleek sounds so much better than this iTampon pad.

    Second, it doesn’t play video and you can only run one app at a time. OMG supper horror if you have an iPhone here (which you already pay USD 70 a month), you have to pay another USD70 to support another data plan for your iTab. If you already have a cool phone with internet or an iTouch, you are freaking stupid to get this thing.

    I think you guys should check out more news and review before making a decision to buy this piece of shit. Pretty sure other brands will start developing a cooler gadget after Apple being trashed this time. Just wait.

    And ohh, if you are a woman, I suggest you start applying to Apple. Seems that they are seeing some light to hire some females into their team. Just saying :)

    You know what’s cool? Check out the “Six Sense” by Pranav Mistry on youtube. It will blow your head away before you can say “WOW!!*

  4. welcome to the Mac world. Nana, maybe you should actually try the product first before giving it a review. Just like the speculations of iPhone before it was launched, just like the speculations of iPad before it was launched. Everybody over-expects, over-speculate, over-reviews. iPhone had bad reviews before it hit stores. I shall just leave time to prove you wrong.

  5. I got an iPod shuffle after the Nano came out. Then I got a Nano after the Touch came out. And finally got a Touch when the iPhone came out. I think I’ll only get the iPad when the iTabletop comes out…

  6. To a certain extend, Nana is right.

    The device does not support Adobe Flash.

    Yes, Iphone does not either, but Ipad screen size is design to browse.. so I dont get it, unless of course they have a magic way to support flash site.

    Special note: unless you plan to use a VNC application to browse flash site through another computer from your Ipad. Thats would solve all things

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