an unusual dinner at frontera, jaya one

been hearing about frontera for the longest time and was waiting for the best time to go. the thing is, there is no best time to go. you just gotta do it when you gotta do it.

so, just an hour before before heading home from work i got shaolintiger and myhorng to meet me at frontera, jaya one. i was introduced to larry, the owner. he recommended a couple of dishes which we did not hesitate to order:

#1 – habanero wings and nachos

#2 – my main, beef enchiladas

#3 – st’s main, chilli cheeseburger

#4 – ah horng’s main, beef chimichanga

food was so fantastic. portions were huge. the enchiladas and chimichanga were stuffed to the max, juicy and delicious. wings were just awesome. nachos still crispy (i hate soggy nachos) and the chili con carne is highly recommended (sorry forgot to take pictures). frontera’s chilli con carne does not have fillers like beans, it’s not supposed to have beans!

larry lived up to his reputation. he really ordered a lot of alcohol for us :P he is one persuasive fella. he could make the strongest hearted person down alcohol.

#5 – these are two bottles of infused tequila. one with jalapeno and the other with orange/vanilla.

i don’t think you could get these anywhere else as larry specially brews them. delicious on its own and delicious in cocktails! you must try the jalapeno frozen margaritas – spicy and refreshing at the same time!

#6 – cheers!

besides the spicy jalapeno margaritas i also had the pina colada which i seriously couldn’t tell whether it has alcohol or not. its really tasty, definitely a girl’s drink.

#7 – larry with pina colada in the foreground.

#8 – st and ah horng downing shot after shot after shot throughout the night.

#9 – ah horng’s colour not long after.

#10 – back in 1996, my guinness world of record called habanero the spiciest chili in the world, i was fascinated. so horng and i tried it. habanero looks like this.

ah horng puked after that. and i drank more alcohol than i should to subdue the pain.

yes, pain. ever had a blowtorch aimed directly at your tongue and at the back of your throat? it’s not that bad, everyone who’s going to frontera should try it. seriously.

#11 – a video of ah horng and i eating the habanero.

#12 – try the habanero, it’s not that bad.

and then, we had key lime pie and deep fried cheesecake. yes you hear me, DEEP FRIED CHEESECAKE. yums

#13 – key lime pie

#14 – deep fried cheesecake

    Frontera Bar & Grill
    Palm Square at Jaya One
    Corner of Jalan Universiti and Jalan 13/6,
    Petaling Jaya.
    Phone 603 7958 8515.
    Fax 603 7958 8125.

never been so stuffed and happy with myself.

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