i want properly aligned burgers

you know what always annoy me to the core?

when the anticipation of biting into a fresh hamburger gets dashed by a terribly aligned burger.

in this case, it’s a fillet-o-fish.


i want the hamburger:fish fillet:cheese ratio to be equal for every bite, thank you very much.

on another note, i just learned a new trick.

balancing a fork and spoon on a toothpick balanced on the mouth of a glass.

obviously, i am the second cumming of merlin.

8 thoughts on “i want properly aligned burgers”

  1. ARGHHHH same goes for me kim! I fckin hate it. I have wrongly aligned cheeseburgers all d time. like wtf? Go freakin oil up those creaky old burger machines. -___-

    btw babe, could u send me the pic we took last nite to: jessie@benjicajess.com ?
    it’s nice having a cheongsam gal with an angel of death in d same pic :)

  2. I agree with you completely, kim. I always open up my burger and align everything properly before I start eating. My friends think I’m anal about it though. =)

    Btw, can’t help but notice that your filet-o-fish burger has only half a slice of cheese… cost cutting is now the new in-thing at McD’s?

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