fantastic service at hairkunst, the curve

On Saturday, I put up an SOS on twitter.


And this is what Sabrina replied to me in matter of minutes. Thanks babe!


I made the call to Hairkunst while still driving and managed to score an appointment with Jojo.

At The Curve, I called them again because I couldn’t find their premise. It’s because the shop is located with the offices. You have to take the lifts behind Sakae Sushi to 2nd floor. Nice decor, nice music and complimentary internet usage (with a laptop!!!).

The service was outstanding. Jojo was a joy. She patiently listened to my hair predicament and then told me what she could do. She was never once patronising and best of all….none of those product pushing bullshit.

I told her I wanted a soft fringe and layered body to offset the kink where my straightened and natural hair meets. She gave me exactly what I wanted but better.

#1 – Before

#2 – Shampooing

#3 – Nip Nip Nip

#4 – Final touches

#5 – Result

#6 – Ms. Jojo of Hairkunst, The Curve

The price for my do? I had earlier withdrawn RM500 to make sure I had enough to pay for the cut and some impending products I may succumb to purchase.

I was shell-shocked to be charged the grand sum of RM55.

The Curve,
Lot 226, 2nd Floor
6, Jalan PJU7/3, Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-77105585

28 thoughts on “fantastic service at hairkunst, the curve”

  1. They also do really awesome hair extensions – a new Austrian technique using some sorta laser fusing so it lasts the whole year and you cannot tell where the hair and extension meet. Except it costs like RM3000 :S

    But they really are awesome, I highly recommend them too! Everyone is so freaking nice and friendly!

  2. nick: i don’t doubt that they can do a fantastic job with men’s hair.

    pb: hehe give them a try. who knows there’s a reason to start an affair :D

    mell: wtf rm3000! yeah everyone was so nais! i feel like going there just to blowdry my hair and stuff

  3. rinnah: thanks! hehehe why not?

    yeehou: jojo is best!

    denise: jojo is senior stylist. director’s cut would be bambang at rm100 at the least. still very reasonable i think!

  4. you have solved my latest problems babe.
    was looking for another hair stylist that was good.
    wanted to either trim my hair or re=perm it.

    1utama the one i go too, the last time i did my treatment and re-permed, it cost me rm500.

    so i’m going to this place you said ASAP!!!!!!!

  5. st: you have some mah hehehe

    ky: yeah it is! i was so surprised.

    horng: -_-

    kellster: good luck babe!

    skyler: that’s cool!

    eyeris: i knew that was cumming

  6. @eyeris: It’s “Kunst” which means “Art” in Norwegian or “Art/Skill” in German.
    @kim: I’m alright, just lot of challenges at work. Have one leg in the door, one leg out. Damn economy makes me unsure. Not to mention the work environment, etc.

  7. oh gosh! so cheap wei!!! the last i visited Peekaboo, they charged me RM65 for shampooing, hair cut and blow and i thought that was already cheap. but yours is so much cheaper! i’m gonna visit here soon…thanks for the information :))

  8. Thanks for the review! I was searching for salons @ Curve and read your blog post…just got back from Hairkunst after a cut with Jojo…I totally love it! =)) In fact, it’s the first time I’ve had a cut that I really like…=P

  9. I just had my 1st haircut by Jojo today & it turn out better than what I wanted. :)

    Btw, Jojo has much shorter hair now but still maintain her natural curls.

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