conversation with my father

this morning i got into a car accident. i was coming out of my parking space and going the opposite direction but while making a u-turn, a wira drove straight into the side of my car. it’s all thanks to this asshole who was waiting in his big truck right next to me car. seeing i had difficulty coming out of my space he still refused to move his truck to give me more space. thanks to his inconsiderate attitude, i couldn’t see the oncoming wira which was in my blind spot and bammm. the rest they say is history.

illustration of a morning motor accident

the first person i called was my dad. not because i’m a daddy’s girl (ok i am) but because my dad has been in the motor claims industry for many years so all our motoring woes have always been settled by dad. lets put it this way, there are no opportunities for workshops or rogue tow truckers to rip me off.

so dad being dad was nagging me about my driving and me being me was fiercely defending myself…

“don’t bluff me, i read your blog and in the past week you have been speeding and making illegal u-turns.”

Daddy – 1, Me – 0.

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  1. Hey, sorry to hear about your accident Kim! It seems like us bloggers have a predisposition to traffic incidents. :p

    Okay, mine was my fault, but yours is not.

    Hope the claims go well. All the best Kim!

  2. I remember your dad as being super awesome. HAHAHAHAHA “DONT BLUFF ME I READ YOUR BLOG”
    sorry. I had to. :D

    Me 1 – Kim – 1

    even now lol

  3. Consider yourself lucky. The car is still in its shape, you still can blog. :)

    Honestly, I really like this: “don’t bluff me, i read your blog…”

  4. Woah, lucky the wira hit the back half of your car and not the front half. You would have been injured pretty bad if your car had been hit there.

    Thank the stars!

  5. hb: yeah i’s like we purposely get into them just so we could get blogging material hahahaha

    kimizo: thanks :)

    chris: you’re supposed to be on my side! wtf

    kuzco: yeah i did try to imagine if it were a bigger car i would have been a plop of meat now.

    kingkong: yeah i am lucky. more lucky if i struck 4D!!!

    waye: yeah i guess. just so damn annoying when they happen -_-

    patrick: thanks. yeah glad no one was hurt!

    yatz: you guess it’s good that i’m safe? -__-“

  6. Sorry to know that you got into an accident though.. Thank God nothing serious!! =) At least you are safe.. Not bad wor, your dad actually reads ur blog!! =)

  7. mark: thanks mark everything’s fine now :)

    ky: hehe

    thomas: count me in!!

    andrew: thanks. yeah no one got hurt that’s most important.

    ahpau: oh yes he did -_-

    aeroplane: aih i was too shocked to take his picture. after the accident, he summore relaxed only smoking in his truck motherfocker -_-

  8. though the score is 1-0 between u and ur dad, i gess having someone like him with u makes u feels better as you know who to count on when these happens… ha…

    nyways glad u’re fine!!!

  9. “don’t bluff me, i read your blog and in the past week you have been speeding and making illegal u-turns.”

    wow is your dad the best dad around or what? well, at least you are still able to blog about this, and like huai bin said, i think bloggers do have flaws in driving, i even got banged into a car on my first driving lesson>.<

    may u be well and happy always

  10. joshua: true that :)

    binn: yeah he’s the best. well, i dont think i have flaws in driving!!!! crashed on the 1st driving lesson…wow are you still driving? hehehehe take care and happy always too :)

  11. believe it or not i got my driver’s license now~~ can’t say i’m not constantly worried of the dejavu but, sometimes we just have to speed eh?

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