Charcoal factory in Kuala Sepetang.

I’m so completely lacking of blogging urges these days it’s not funny. I’m a pathetic excuse for a blogger…people should just call me booger instead.

Anyway, I went to Perak/Penang for Shutter Asia‘s 2nd Anniversary. It was a fun trip except that I was completely immobilised on the 2nd day due to menstrual cramps. Yeah, I guess you don’t have to know that but it’s my boog.

On the first day, we went to a really picturesque charcoal factory in Kuala Sepetang near Simpang. It was my first time seeing how charcoals are made, it’s pretty fascinating. I took about 80 pictures, but they mostly turned out crappy. I really need to practise -_-

Here are some of the decent ones:

#1 – Charcoal factory.
Charcoal factory.

#2 – Workers on a break.
Workers resting

#3 – Old man chilling out. He’s worked there for the past 40 years.

#4 – Sorting out the bits.

#5 – Personal belongings.
Personal belongings.

#6 – The river by the factory where they transport the logs.

#7 – 62 year old former fisherman.
62 year old former fisherman.

p/s: All pictures were taken with Nikon D70s / 50mm.

p/p/s: Some were not watermarked because my batch action fucked up and I was too lazy to fix it.

18 thoughts on “Charcoal factory in Kuala Sepetang.”

  1. charcoal factory, cool experience.
    all the personal belonging covered by some charcoal black stains and I wonder if that happened to your face, hand whatever. LOL

  2. I’m not photo connoisseur but I think pic number 2 is really nice. Feels like you’re in a coal mine in China or something. Definitely couldn’t tell that its Malaysia.

  3. Been a silent (mostly) reader for a long time, but must really commend you for the very nice photos. Liked #2 best.

  4. hi ms booger
    i’m just writing in to tell you that contrary to what you wrote about the quality of your charcoal factory pix, i actually think they are pretty fantastic…
    thing is, i’m actually a freelance journalist and i recently went to that very same factory on assignment for an inflight magazine… i went with a photographer and while his pictures were pretty good, there are at least 2 of your photos i wouldn’t hesitate to publish…
    as a collection, i am somewhat drawn in by your overall interpretation (based on these 7 pix) and would be curious to see some of the other ones you took for a wider overview…
    anyway, nice work, take care and thanks for allowing me to sully your boog wall with this comment

  5. hello,

    pls send me the name and the address of this factory , as im a charcoal trader from dubai looking for supplier in Malaysia,,

    by the way really need to practis

    many thanks

  6. Saw your picture caught my interest to go visit them,to experience,can give me the name of the factory address or phone ? THANKS

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