First degree of separation from Mr. Obama.

Yes, instead of 5,999,999th degree of separation from Barack Obama, I’ll be upgraded to 1st degree this March because I’ll be in the same room with Roger Fisk. Thanks Nuffnang!

Roger Fisk was the National Director of Special Events of Obama’s Presidential Campaign and he managed a nationwide grass-roots fund raising team which raised funds totaling $100 million in 11 months, building the largest donor base in American history.

Obama Magic KL

Here are the details:

Venue: Kristal Ballroom, Petaling Jaya Hilton
Date: 2nd March, 2009
Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm
Dress: Formal
Entry: RM850 (HRDF-Claimable via SBL scheme)

You can sign up here. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn a trick or two from someone like Roger Fisk.

4 thoughts on “First degree of separation from Mr. Obama.”

  1. Obama is already closer than you think …
    Obama + Hilary Clinton + Nikky (My friend who worked on Hilary’s campaign for the White House) + Me + You … that’s four degrees of separation you have already! :-)

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