Booby Trap @ FHM has been updated. Cheers :)

Hope you’ll enjoy reading the stories. Let me know your thoughts here!


A conversation with the boo..

Boo: What do you want for dinner?

Me: I dunnnoo..what do you feel like?

Boo: I dunno too…do you want to bring food back so we can watch tele and eat or eat outside?

Me: I dunnnoooo..how about we cook something?

Boo: Yeah, can also, we have some pasta and sauce and onions.

Me: Cool…I think we’ve got bacon stashed somewhere too. Do you feel like cooking?

Boo: Nope.

Me: Oh..lets eat out then.

Boo: So by “we cook” you mean I cook?

Me: Yeap.

14 thoughts on “Updated!”

  1. hahaha!! normally she’ll do the cooking and he’ll do the washing… so in this case are u goin to do the washing??

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