Lame headlines.

The Star’s Most Viewed story today is “Superman found dead, hours after leaving jail“. Curious, I clicked on the link and realised it’s only a report about the death of a man named Super-man Awang. Oh, I see the humour. Ha ha ha. It’s a story of a dead person for goodness’ sake. What’s more worthy of the headline, his unfortunate name or the fact that he was killed by two slashes to the chest?

Remember “People just Khan believe it!” a few days ago? What was the sub-editor aiming for? A pun? It’s not even funny. Lame puns in a serious newspaper is just pathetic.

Why can’t we just have boring headline that tells it as it is?

6 thoughts on “Lame headlines.”

  1. Oh well. Newspapers and bad puns have gone together for a long long time. Has to do with Choleric Editors not having a sense of humour and just putting whatever comes into their head before thinking it through.

  2. these days bloggers too using lots of catchy title to lure readers mah today’s top in INNIT is titled “my first porn experience”

    just wait, someone will say “i masturbated in nuffnang office this morning” eventually.

    nope..Nic wont do that….

  3. bee: lmao…i remember distinctively that the exif of a picture for a story about chickens was named “cock”. now that’s funny haha

    ky: yeah using lame puns is just trying too hard

    dabs: i think it’s more of a case of having a distorted perception of their sense of humour

    david: it sure did…but i still think that the clever headlines should be left for ads. as with press releases oh my god..i can’t stand the bombastic crap man..

    aeroplane: tell me about it. nic as in nicholas chay? heh you dunno only…

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