i love my pup so much 2

I had noticed a tiny bald spot on the top of her head and then mom touched her head and found the lump. It was a hard lump the size of 5 cent coin and covered in a bit of dried blood. When I saw it I felt like crying. No wonder she doesn’t like us touching her head. Words like cancer and fracture kept darting back and forth in my head.

It was 1.30pm and the vet had closed half an hour ago but we called to check if they’re still opened anyway. Thank goodness they were treating the last patient so we rushed immediately to the clinic. The doc said that it was a piece of dried scalp and she had probably bumped her head and started scratching it till she bled. She never showed any sign of getting hurt to us :( Sigh she’s still a baby.

Doc said the dried scalp will fall off but she had to shave off part of her hair to make the medicine application easier. So now she’s got a really bad hairstyle but no matter, I’m just glad she’s alright.

My brother kept making jokes about letting her wear a helmet cause she loves to run so fast but yet she can’t stop properly. Imagine this little fluffy thing running so fast and when she approaches a wall she just sort of drifts to the side. So many times I’ve seen her heavy bottom do a lift-off -_-. Yeah, it’s so funny but potentially dangerous too. As ridiculous as the helmet idea sounds like, I think I might just get her one.

I don’t think I could deal if she’s harmed in anyway. I’m thinking of getting another dog when we have more space but I’m not sure if I’m willing to share my affection for Sisi with another pup. Is that even normal?

Oh crap, I left my handphone at my parents’.

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  1. well…there’s another not-so-pretty way of stopping her from scratching her head – put the ‘satellite’ cone around her neck. usually does the trick.

    as for another dog, i hate to liken them to children but they’re quite similar – it isn’t SPLITTING love..love simply grows to accommodate both. :)

    ok, enough with my sappiness..*cough cough*..more pics of Sisi please!!

  2. Maybe you should bring Sisi to a groomer to clean the furs of her paws…. She can’t “break” properly, maybe, from the overgrown fur…. This always happens to my little girls as well… =) Once i clipped off their paw fur, problem solved!

  3. the cone makes them really uncomfortable. My Shih Tzu hates it so its just left there collecting dust bunnies.Just keep a strict eye on her to stop her from scratching. If you tell her not to scratch she’ll learn in due time. :)

    And don;t worry too much about the scratch and bumps they get. Mine runs around the house like a mad bunny and bangs into the wall with a loud splat and then continues. so cute can die. Keep her nails trimmed and the fur in between her paws short so she doesn’t slip. Hehe, mine always slips, the fat dog.

    Oh and watch out for red skin also. Shih Tzu’s are very prone to skin problems. I had mine shaved completely last year. :D

  4. OMG, I thought I was the only deranged shih tzu owner around lol. I cried and cried like a madwoman when my then pup (now adult) Tzu got sick. Being a new pet owner and all, I didnt realize that the vaccine my pup had gotten wasn’t a “full” one. It only covered 3 major diseases. He got really sick and was pooping blood, and I thought it was Parvo. Turns out it was Corona virus (for which there actually IS a vaccine!) and I was duped by the pup seller who said that my pup was protected against ALL major diseases. LIAR.

    To cut a long story short, after that episode, I made sure that my Tzu had the most comprehensive vaccines. (I think it was an 8 in 1, instead of that lousy 3 in 1).

    How NOT to be duped? Check the label of the vaccine bottle, it is usually pasted on yr dog’s “medical card”.

    And OMGGGG they sell dog helmets???!!! And I thought dog shoes were funny :P

  5. my pug scratches her neck rather abusively when she’s in the sun. when i saw her skin all pulpy and bloody, i cried… luckily it turned out to be a normal reaction due to its fatty layers. :p

    what you can do is buy her socks.:)

  6. Ah yes, the good old Doggy style American Football! :-)

    Twenty Four Blue! Twenty Four Blue! Red Dog! Red Dog! HUTT! :-)

    Don’t forget to buy the Doggy Shoulder pads and a good jersey for Sisi! :_)

  7. pinkpau: u mean a sappy dog lady side? hehehe

    bee: grows to accommodate both…you’ve got a point! :)

    ky: .I.

    chriso: if we can handle you man babies, we ladies can handle the pups! :D

    esther: thank you! really never thought of that!

    choco: yeah currently just keeping an eye on her. i think it must have been healing well she doesnt seem to realise it’s there anymore. we’re combing her everyday so hopefully she won’t get the skin problems, fingers crossed. yeah when they do a wall slam it’s so cute and funny but i imagine they must be in pain! mine doesnt even whimper she just stares into the open air..must be seeing stars lol

    ds: lol neither did i. it’s awesome

    whimsicaljottings: you are not alone!!! i’m glad (your) boo’s okay now. isn’t there anyway to get him to italy? i feel for you, woman :(

    ellie: aww. your pug is damn cuteeeeee. wouldnt have thought of that..socks! haha

    dabs: lol i can’t even follow man

    simon: wtf

  8. Boo would have a much better life in Malaysia. Sniff sniff. Vets are VERY exp here, and are hard to find. Gotta make appointments etc to see one too, not like in Msia where we can just barge in any time we want. Plus, me and other half travel quite a bit, so, there will be no one to mind the little tyke. Hafta make do with webcam :(

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