Just because.

Here’s a picture of me, just because I think I look barely 18. Keh Keh Keh.

Also, cause it was a nice date-day. We had a good dinner and watched a not so good film but it was nice cause it was just us.

Today is a day worth celebrating because we’ve achieved another milestone in our relationship (and no, we’re NOT getting married). So, celebration was supper at Mcdonalds at very naughty hours.

5 thoughts on “Just because.”

  1. I like that tshirt, very “attitude”. Oh, I posted pics of my Tzu on my latest entry, if you’d like to take a look, since you’re recently dog crazy and all. ;) He couldn’t fit in my wok, so I had to be content with the floor. :P

  2. ‘we’ve achieved another milestone in our relationship’

    Are you getting married?

    ‘(and no, we’re NOT getting married).’

    D’oh!!!!! :-)

    Congrates on reaching MacDonalds and eating Milestones … no, wait, other way around. :-)

  3. nice pix, but get more beauty sleep, the eyes tell a lot of stories…

    u look well even without make up. god help us when you put up a photo with proper make over.

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