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Moonlight Resonance and nails.

Been at my bf’s for a while, I’m missing my pup Sisi. Mom if you’re reading this please give her a hug for me.

I’ve finally finished watching Moonlight Resonance via youtube after catching it half-way on Astro at my parents’. I like the series, but I really couldn’t stand all the cheesy family moments, in my opinion they are really unnecessary. I don’t mind the fighting though…best bitchy scenes in history of TVB. My favourite character is Michelle Yim (who plays Hung Jie). She’s hauntingly beautiful (and I love her bob hairstyle so much). She’s damn bitchy and evil but yet you can’t help but pity her as well.

Moonlight Resonance
Does Michelle Yim look a day older than 35? She’s 52 dy! Love that hair…so attitude!

My most hated character is Kate Tsui (who plays Kar Mei). I really can’t stand her!!! Even when she plays nice also I damn hate her. Linda Chung (who play Ah Chao) just makes me want to slap her over and over again.

Anyway, while brewing the series, I painted my nails also. I think I did the same colours before but don’t care…touch-ups are very easy with red and pink.

Newly manicured nails.

Nail polish.
Some unidentified base/top coat, EPI’s Red, Red Rhine and PK105 from The Face Shop.

I need to lose weight, man.

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