Clever ad by local company

This is an animated banner ad by a local company, Think Property. I think the idea is really clever.

First you see this…
dubya vs Einstein

Then it changes into this…
dubya vs Einstein

The thing is, since it’s a local company, wouldn’t it be more apt if dubya were changed to these respected local personalities instead?

Likes this…

Or this?

Anyway, credit is where credit due. This ad is brilliant!

14 thoughts on “Clever ad by local company”

  1. Bush would invade and claim he was taking over the house because there were weapons of mass destruction there … which he can’t find, but they’ve already hung the owner, so he might as well take everything of value and leave the mess for the other occupants of the house.

  2. kelwin: aiyo ya..

    dabs: lol and also messing up his own house and sending people from his house to mess up other ppl’s houses. he’s a fucking twat.

    aeroplane: spot on.

    lainie: indeed! the thing is, if the ad were indeed used in USA, NOBODY would get into trouble.

    joshua: saw it on another website.

    simon: hello obama indeed.

    whimsicaljottings: thanks. btw, what is a kennysia?

    racoon: tq :)

    naeboo: hmm i don’t think so. food for oil scam….remember? anyone? think someone’s a bigger crook than drm.

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