Mooncake Fest 08

We went up to Genting to check out my parents’ new apartment and also to celebrate mooncake festival. Together with our neighbours, we ate, got drunk and batu-ed (ahem) by a bonfire till wee hours in the morning, singing Kumbaya and Beatles, lol. It was fun.

Full moon flanked by fairy lights and lanterns.

Sisi was filthy by the time we reached home. I watched my mom bathed her for the first time. It’s amazing how much smaller she is when she’s drenched.


Wiping face and eye booger.
Wiping her face.

After a good soap and scrub, it’s time for a blow job!

Time to fluff her up again.

I kept telling my boyfriend that we could really consider not having children and just have dogs but I’ve changed my mind after looking through these pictures by Mr. Phillip Toledano.


Check it out, and don’t forget the Kleenex (or Premier) while you’re at it. Must see/read from the beginning.

Toledano’s other work is equally impressive, you can find them here.

9 thoughts on “Mooncake Fest 08”

  1. Haha! I thought the last photo was cuter. She’s so fluffy after the hair dryer treatment. :)

    The Days With My Father site is a little depressing, but very thought provoking. It made me sad, for some reason.

  2. I just wanted to drop a note regarding your dog. From your post it seems you (like many dog owners) bathe their dog with shampoo. I used to bathe my cocker spaniel with shampoo last time untill he was inflicted by yeast infection (i’m not sure if u can call it infection). The reason being that everytime you bahte your dog with soap or shampoo, no matter how expensive the shampoo is you’re essentially stripping the healthy oils off your dog’s skin. Because of this, its skin will dry up and this somehow will be conducive for yeast to ‘thrive’. A clear indication that a dog has gotten yeast ‘infection’ is it will be very smelly and will itch all the time eventhough it has no ticks. The standard smelly dog smell you get off stray dogs. I didnt know my dog had a problem untill i took him to the vet and was told to bathe my dog with water ONLY instead of soap. Water is more than sufficient to clean your dog and keep it smell free plus it protects the dog’s skin. I have followed that rule to the T and my dog NEVER smells even without the shampoo. Try just bathing the dog with water only and take the effort to dry it well after every bath. (my dog bathes 2x every week with water only and is blow dried). I hope i didnt offend you in anyway by posting this. Just wanted to help ^_^.

  3. pinkpau: she is the cutest thing ever!!

    hb: yeah the photos are really sad. i was bawling looking through it. i suppose it evoke different feelings in different ppl.

    naeboo: :(

    hermes: thank you so much for telling me this. im not at all offended in fact i’m grateful! i certainly notice sisi scratching herself a bit more eventhough she’s clean. i think i will take her to the vet to check it out and get rid of the shampoo. thank you so much again!

  4. It doesnt matter what sort of shampoo you use for the dog. I used to use herbal all natural shampoo for my cocker but it was still very itchy. I firmly believe dog shampoo does more harm than good. My boyfriend’s beagle has the same stinky problem too for many years. They didnt think too much about it as they thought it was just a problem with having an outside dog. But once he changed vets (note that now i’m throughly convinced that 2/3 of the vets in msia are absolute crap and swindlers) the new vet diagnosed the dog to have yeast infection. Once they started to soak him in the special solution during bath times, the smell and the itch went away. Of course you should note that dogs with longer coats will take more time to recover from it. An easy way to diagnose your dog is if its always itchy (even though you’re very sure it has no ticks), it begins to smell just 1-2 days after it has had its bath and when u roll/pick up its skin you can see the skin flaking off or has white cracks on it (this is the most severe i believe). But best to consult your doc. ^_^ Keep us posted on your dog!

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