Chilling out with Hugh Laurie.

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing now, after a day filled with walking and eating.

Chilling out with Hugh Laurie.
Who is on this week’s tv guide hehehe.

Eh my webcam’s quality is not that bad.

Went to the Garden Centre and had a Sunday’s carvery lunch for the first time. IT WAS AWESOME. I propose that carvery lunch be made a staple meal in Malaysia.

Also had a massive scone with fresh cream and strawberries. OMG IT WAS AWESOME.

Visited some friends at their home. Had homemade lime chicken wrap for dinner. Had a lovely time :)

Oh, Mom mailed and told me we’ve got a new puppy!!!! She’s called Sisi, about the size of a palm. I can’t wait to see her :)


9 thoughts on “Chilling out with Hugh Laurie.”

  1. Dr House is way way more cool. George Clooney is perhaps half as charismatic.

    The doggie looks cute but I am a cat person. Meow.

  2. Scones with fresh cream and strawberries should be illegal. It’s so tempting.

    What’s the carvery lunch like? A waiter going around with huge chunks of meat and carving the portion you want onto your plate? There’s one in Sarawak with that concept.

  3. OMG Shih Tzu’s FTW!!!!!! My brown Tzu is on my lap as I type this. They are the manja-est, most adorable things you can imagine. Esp wth the little tongue sticking out a little. <3 <3

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