Dinner at Cafe Cafe.

At first he told me that he’s taking me to Boat House, which I was not very happy with the last time we were there. So I was quite disappointed when he said we’re having dinner there. But he drove past TTDI and said that he missed a turn. So I was helping him to find a U-Turn but he kept missing all the turns and by the time we passed Istana Negara, I knew he was taking me somewhere else.

We reached Cafe Cafe and I was so happy because I had wanted to go there for the longest time. He had already surprised me with a Liz Claiborne handbag and I hadn’t expected anymore surprises from him :)

We parked at the smelly back alley behind Cafe Cafe and in spite of the smell, it’s a very photogenic alley! Okay, I just wanted to camwhore…

Doing a bryan boy.
Doing a Bryan Boy with my new favourite bag.

The moment we stepped into Cafe Cafe, we were transported into a different country! I really love the ambiance, very french and kitsch. Have I ever mentioned that I really love contemporary french music? They always sound so sexy!

Cafe Cafe.
Cafe Cafe.

Whimsical crystals dangling from the ceiling.

I noticed that none of the chairs in the restaurant was the same. We sat down and started ordering.

They had a selection of foie gras dishes and since it’s my first time (yes, don’t laugh!) having the politically incorrect food, I decided on the basic pan fried foie gras. I was seething with excitement about sinking my teeth into the famed liver.

Waiting for food!


We had Nicoise salad and foie gras for starters.

Nicoise salad.
Nicoise salad.

Foie gras.
Pan-fried foie gras.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the texture of foie gras so soft. I had expected it to be firmer, more like chicken liver. But it was so different. It’s a good sort of soft…I likened it to eating fat that has fallen off from a good braised pork knuckle…but better! Hmm.

And then our main courses, mushroon & eggplant fettuccine and braised lamb shank.

Mushroon & eggplant fettuccine.

Lamb Shank.
Braised lamb shank.

Lastly, we polished off the meal with a proper creme brulee. Hmmm.

Creme brulee.
Creme brulee.

The meal at Cafe Cafe was excellent. I’d definitely be going back. I had such a fantastic time with my boo. I don’t know how we can still manage to be so fond of each other after nearly 4 years. I still miss him everytime after he goes to work :)

Boo and me

We got home and ended the evening watching Semi-Pro starring Will Ferrel. I woke up this morning all energised…finally a normal night of sleep after staying up for 3 days!

Cafe Cafe
175 Jalan Maharajalela
50510 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
03-2145 8141

29 thoughts on “Dinner at Cafe Cafe.”

  1. Happy belated birthday! And the new design is excellent! *2 thumbs up*
    Cafe cafe is such a nice place, it remind me of Austria. Is it very pricey? Do you mind to tell me, roughly how much it cost per person for a normal meal?

  2. OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your skirt! Pls tell me where you bought it! Better still, pls tell me it costs less than 60RM coz im stingy like that.

    I was surprised too when I had foie gras for the first time (at Courtyard Garden). It tasted delightful, but it was so….soft. I too thought it would be like chicken liver.

  3. You look so happy and radiant babe!
    The restaurant looks awesome too, I have to go there when I’m back in town.

    p.s. The bag looks perfect for everyday, brown leather and all.
    Your boy has taste!

  4. Smelly back lane = photogenic? I think you could’ve picked a better place to camwhore your new bag. Besides, the color tones or brown just makes it stink like the “brown stuff”.

  5. ky: me toooo!

    tock: i like everything supersized. hmm

    @ppl3: thanks! :) it’s not pricey..all the food we had, the bill came to less than RM250!

    ellie: yes i know! for the record, i didn’t force him! lol

    sharon: yes it’s about RM60. i got it from Nichi, babeh. not just a skirt though, it’s actually a whole piece. yeah, the taste of foie gras was totally unexpected!

    ms.bloom: thanks babe :) yeah and it’s got so many compartments and it’s just nice to carry around my shoulder. i think he did good :D

    ano: seems like the back alley is not the only stinker around.

    yatz: for the stuff we ordered, the bill didnt even hit RM250!

    oOfooi: hehe sorry to make u hungrier. go eat!

    pb: yes do try it. the pasta was really delicious. was cooked to perfection there! i hate it when restaurants serve barely cooked pasta and insist that it’s al dente when it’s bloody not.

  6. babes, u missed out on the wagyu baby cheeks. omg heaven! go try the next time u go. and the lobster bisque! i loved the deco but we too shy to take many pics there hehe

    another place to try delish foie gras is zipangu (shangrila kl) and cheaper there too. like, 30rm only

  7. naeboo: thanks for the pointers babe! yeah i was snapping around like jakun only…but didn’t care la, hehe! im really surprised, i’d imagine anything from the shang would cost a bomb. definitely gonna go try it now.

  8. Ooo, Jamie Oliver talked about French Goose Liver on his show [the one where the do the autopsy on the fat guy]. Not good for your own liver. But, as long as you enjoyed your B’day. :-)

    Non a possible parle Francais pour moi.

  9. after ages of wanting to go, you finally made it there.

    me? not even yet.. I just always find somewhere else to substitute Cafe Cafe.. ahhaha

  10. lol No, it was in the same program, BUT, the program was about AVOIDING FAT in foods. The Fattened goose liver was cooked until all the fat was gone and there wasn’t much liver left. :-) It is apparently one of the worst foods to eat because it is full of bad fats for your body. You’re still young enough to avoid doing yourself liver damage from eating it, plus I doubt you eat it all the time like some people.

  11. dabs: yeah, probably only get to eat it once or twice a year. thing is, i do eat deep fried pork lards (all the time) and i’m planning to gorge on pork scratchings when i visit great britain next month haha. i think foie gras is the last thing for me to worry about! fat is fab…

  12. naeboo: man…i love scratchings hahaha. the best part is the salty powdery part hmmm hmmm. the closest thing to eating scratchings in malaysia is the pretzel pieces sold in starbucks! lol

  13. maybe i had the lousy ones?? i was totally put off when i tried it the first time when my angmo fren offered me some in the student bar. bad bad bad…

    but the iban deep fried type is not bad. more like the crunchy part of siew yoke than the salty slipper i put in my mouth that fateful day.

  14. What a romantic place! Have heard good thing about it, must visit next time in town.
    Happy belated birthday! Our birthday is only a day apart.
    There’s so many winter babies around. :)

  15. Firstly loved your new header pic! So sassy! I will definitely try this restaurant.. btw, is the food there expensive?

  16. C C: thanks for commenting finally :) and happy belated birthday! hope you’ll have a pleasant experience at the restaurant too.

    flickchick: thank you! the price was really reasonable, all the food i had came up to less than RM250

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