I want a washing machine.

Been a busy, busy week, which turned into a busy, busy weekend!

Besides that, one of the reasons I’ve not been blogging is because of my damn laptop. For some reason, it overheats and then shuts off by itself after about 15 minutes. So it’s been a biatch to work and most of the time I’ve been using my precious eeepc (which runs on linux so there’s quite a lot that I can’t do for instance photoshopping my pictures to throw you off the real me) and bf’s desktop (I try not to leave too much of my stuff in my bf’s machine).

So anyway…..Nuffnang Wild Live Party is finally over. It was a blast!!! Still remember vividly when Tim asked me to handle the PR, it seemed just like yesterday. And now it’s become another happy memory. You got to admit this, Nuffnang throws the best parties ever and that’s why it really isn’t that baffling to me that there are people who are thick-skinned enough to crash the party, illegitimately. Dear dear, the solution is really simple, be a part of the Nuffnang family :)

Anyway, this post is not about Nuffnang Wild Live Party. I will talk about it again it, soon! This is about AMBP’s The Smashin’ Gathering. This is about me speaking in public (gasp) about my experience as a blogger.


It was truly an honour to be invited by AMBP to speak alongside people like Peter (my man!) and Aizuddin (omg where on earth have you been?) and Vin Sen (one of the bosses of Cinema Online) and Mr. Rohan Thomas (from Microsoft).

Peter spoke about how he uses his blog to reach out to people and open their eyes about living with disabilities. He also mentioned that we don’t get to see a lot of disabled people on the street because they’re virtually imprisoned by our fantastic amenities (or lackthereof) and a couple of his bad experiences with local airlines.

Peter Tan
Peter Tan, blogger and rights-based advocate.

Aizuddin talked about the 5 year old PPS and I truly agree with him that PPS does not need to be improved in anyway – it just works.

Aizuddin, founder of PPS.

Vin Sen talked about marketing movies with Facebook, which is something that I’m really interested in. Good stuff.

As for Mr. Rohan Thomas, he talked about Microsort Popfly. For people aspiring to build a personal website but has no guts or time to do it should check out Microsoft’s Popfly. Besides websites you can also create customised games and embed all the third party applications like flickr and twitter into your websites without having to know what’s html or any mind boggling programming language.

PopFly presented by Mr. Rohan Thomas.
Mr. Rohan Thomas talking about Microsoft’s Popfly.

So what about my speech?

The honest truth, I only prepared my speech the night before, specifically right before bed time. Just because I like to put off things that make me nervous…heh.

I woke up and found my laundry bag full and the only clean thing available was the same top I wore when I appeared on The Star, twice -_- (here and here). I can hearing KY making his kim-doesn’t-wash-her-clothes joke again….

Sure enough, I appeared on The Star for the third time in the same top. With the most gormless expression. Ever. Sigh.

Okay enough about me and my over-worn top. Not like it really bothers me cause if these sort of things really did bother me I would have hit the gym right around Boxing Day last year, right?

Here’s a video of my speech.

Yes darlings that’s what being unprepared does to you. And speaking in front of a crowd that may or may not have seen your same smelly old top for the third time does to you – forgetting lines and fidgeting like a mofo.


13 thoughts on “I want a washing machine.”

  1. get a direct drive washing machine (ie: not belt driven) as it will last longer coz belts wear out. i think panasonic and toshiba got those.

    zomg. i sound like auntie ald.

    next, i shall gib u tips on how to clean burnt pans with vinegar/water solutions thats more environmental-friendly. grrrr

  2. Aww…you didn’t do too bad. Really, you’re a pretty good speaker. I guess practice makes perfect? :) You should see me when I try to do impromptu presentations in front of my Ang Moh classmates….*hide face in shame*

  3. hi! it was nice to finally be able to greet u (as opposed to staring from a distance. wtf) :D
    and i only do my laundry when i run out of bras. wtf

  4. ei wanna ask do u know wats the spec of ur eeepc? can run window or linux? wanna some enquiry, tod wana buy oso…

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