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Hot 100th Issue Party – yes it was hot.

Attended Hot 100th Issue Party last week. It was held at the newly revamped Pulse @ Grand Millennium (formerly known as The Regent). I really like the place.

Hot 100.
Hot 100.

I had trouble finding clothes to wear to the party. When I was complaining about it, someone actually asked me why don’t I wear the red dress. As much as I like to (it makes my boobs look larger than they really are), I really couldn’t…I’ve worn it one too many times. I actually haven’t shopped for the longest time, if you disregard all the footwear I’ve been accumulating lately.

Fabulous view.

About an hour before the party I had turned my closet inside out and still couldn’t put together any decent getup. Finally I settled on another over worn dress….my very comfy and reliable tube dress I bought from Phuket for RM10. Threw on my favourite belt to lessen the pregnant effect (it didn’t help much) and hope no one I know would recognise the dress.

And here is what I wore to the party. Sorry I have to censor my face cause I was exuding a bit of knobness thanks to really flat hair right after shower…blow dryer has broken.

Party garb.
Dress from Phuket. Clutch from Warehouse. Heels from Theme. Belt from some Ah Lian shop in 1 U.

I met Jesscet for the first time. She’s so nice! I wish we had chatted longer.

With Jess.
With Jess :) See you again soon!

Met a lot of famous faces soon. Partner asked me whether I knew anyone and I promptly answered:

Yeah I know most of them….they dunno me only.

And proceeded into a fit of giggles. Sorry-lah, I haven’t completely shaken off the Cheras influence.

I got a little too excited seeing Non, host of Deal or No Deal. Actually posted about how hot he is sometime ago. He looks even better in real!

With Non.
With Non. This is the only picture I have with him and I’m posting this eventhough I look like a pregnant whale.

Saw FA and Eyeris later one, who promptly forced one shot of vodka down my throat. Apparently I won a lucky draw prize but thank to this two buggers for making me 1/2 drunk, I missed it. THANKS!

Reta, FA and me.
FA, Reta and moi.

With Harith Iskandar.
With funny man, Harith Iskandar.

And lastly, thanks for the invitations Ms. Reta. Love the non-French Maid dress.

It’s really funny cause I had to ask my partner for the night whether I would be queuing up with 200 other teenyboppers to get into the party (coz I naik kapal before with a different magazine party once upon a time, lol).

Reta and moi.
Hot Reta and moi.

Next up, posts about fabulous hot spot Zazu, Made of Honour dindin at Marriott, AMBP’s Smashin’ Gathering and Reta‘s drunk pichas at Eyeris‘ housewarming!!

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