Footwear orgasm.

Big Shoe Box.
This is me holding an over-sized shoe box.

After meeting with a client, I went to 1 U. Bought tickets for Iron Man. Then I browsed around for a friend’s birthday present.


Then I ended up at Aldo. With discount tags all over the shoe shelves. I tried a couple of shoes. My gawd, most of them were too high for me. The soles are almost straight from the ground. Crazy! How do women wear them??

I almost gave up when I caught the sight of brown leather on the lower shelf. Hrmmm…BOOTS. The last time I experienced footwear orgasm was given by none other than boots too!

I tried on a pair of knee-highs, and the rest they say is history.

Side view
Side view.

Front View.
Front view.

And that’s what the over-sized shoe box was for.

Got my nails done too. Why not, it’s officially cheaper than one week of fuel!

Manicure & pedicure cheaper than petrol.
When I get mowed down while cycling at least I’d die with pretty nails.

p/s: Iron Man was too awesome!!!!

p/p/s: Shit, I forgot the friend’s present -_-