Cocktail Waitress Trailer Trash Hooker.

I did some camhoring in my free time.

It’s so bloody hard to camho with my D70s. But I guess I could count myself successful if I weren’t so bothered by my out of focus face.

I’ve taken the liberty to do some fake bokeh background with the blur tool on photoshop, cause my bedsheet was sharper than my face -_-.

Here I am, of what I told the boo, my best impersonation of a cocktail waitress by day, trailer trash hooker by night.

Cocktail waitress trailer trash hooker.
Would you pick me up?

For you who are curious as to where I got my inspiration from….it’s from this picture:

Cocktail Waitress Trailer Trash Hooker circa 1988.
Kimberlycun circa 1988.

Don’t ask my Mom what she was thinking.

Anyway, here’s another blast from the past:

Mafia couple.
Dad still has that ‘Risky Business’ Ray Ban I was wearing, hehe.

I think we were going for the mafia couple vibe.