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Mission to Perfection 2

I embarked on a detox regimen a week ago. I called it my “mission to perfection”. First things first, I’m not perfect (yet), far from it. My one-week journey was peppered with disappointment after disappointment.

So what exactly constituted to my failure? The usual suspects…lack of discipline and emotional eating. It’s always the emo eating, isn’t it?

As you all have known, I used Juvanex to aid my mission and I was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness. Contrary to belief, it’s not a laxative and I was never struck by diarrhoea-like symptoms. In fact, I had better bowel movements than normal (twice a day). It’s just that the poops were…..for lack of better words, very well-endowed :D


I really don’t know if it’s psychological or physiological, but I felt lighter while on Juvanex. Except for the first two days, where I was really bloated, the rest of the week was a breeze. I wake up everyday with flatter belly.

Powdered lemonade.
Lemon flavoured powder.

Yes, so my pimples popped out like crazy but I think it means the stuff are working. I was soOOoo expelling the toxins.

It kind of freaked me out when I read that one of the things I would experience while on Juvanex was getting a metallic taste in my mouth. I mean, what does that suppose to mean? As I eventually found out, my mouth basically just felt drier than usual. And I was drinking a lot of water due to that, which was a good thing.

Two scoops
Two scoops…twice a day after meal.

Juvanex in the shaker.
Put detox powder into the complimentary Juvanex shaker.

Add water.
Add water.

And shake.
And shake a couple of times.

Juvanex taste like lemonade. Okay, lemonade with bitterish herbs. To be honest, it’s not exactly the kind of stuff you want to sit down savouring while watching your favourite television show. The secret to consuming it is, chug it. Hold your breath and let it slide down your throat. As for keeping it down, I found rinsing my mouth helped.

And drink.
Chug it.

I think Juvanex is effective and will definitely work better with a balanced diet. Although I was surviving on junk food, it managed to prevent me from going into the sluggish, bloated and lethargic phase that always come with my unhealthy diet.

Besides people who want to get a spanking new body system and are willing to go on the detox with proper diet, I also highly recommend it to people who are unable to break from their unhealthy phases as a means of maintaining their bodies, preventing from further damage so to speak.

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