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My Mission to Perfection.

I’m hitting 24 in a couple of months. I’m no longer the spring chicken I used to be, where my skin was fine and my metabolic rate was to die for. I’m still eating like I used to (perhaps even more), but I’m finding it amazingly tough to shed the flab.

With age, I’ve developed a sort of deluded confidence about my appearance. While I’ve never felt happier with my looks, the truth is I’ve never been this out of shape. Two flights of stairs could render me breathless :(

I used to go to gym a couple of times a week, sometimes even twice a day. I used the power stepper religiously….my bum, thighs and calves were rock solid. My belly was flat. I could don the bikini and not feel out of place. However, nowadays, my bikinis have been relegated to the bottom of the drawer and my trusty old Speedo has become my new best friend. It supports and covers all the awkward areas, you see.

Then & Now
Then & Now :(

My gawd, I’ve seen mothers of five in better shape than I am! Heck, my own mother is in better shape than me. I’m sure many of you who have met my Mom would attest to that :P

Mom is hotter than me!
Yeah, the hotter one is my Mom -_-

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to get myself to look like a model. What I’m aiming for really is good health, stamina and strength. The thing is, it’s so hard to jump start my gym routine because I’m feeling so sluggish and bloated (that’s why it’s never a good thing to take a break from working out for too long, once you get to my point, it’s really difficult to return to your old routine).

I have meant to go on a liquid/white meat diet with vitamin supplements to slowly reboot my body before I trailblaze back to the neighbourhood gym but darlings, it’s really easier said than done. Everytime a work issue crops up, I find myself reaching for the nearest pack of salt & vinegar crisps. As the cliche goes, it’s a vicious cycle!

So, the reason I’m writing this is because I’ve been approached by friendly folks from Juvanex to review their 7-Day Detox Programme. Kudos to them for great timing.

Juvanex – 7-Day Detox Programme.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s now or never. A visit to their website shows that I’m in desperate need of a detox….

Detox Test
Oh crap!

I’m going to start my Detox from today onwards and it will end on 19th May 2008. I will follow their suggested menu (minus the rice/carbs on my prerogative). I’ll try to slip in some exercise during this period but I figure I’d be too lethargic to do so, which is normal during detoxification.

So stay tuned as I’ll be updating you with my progress in this blog and hopefully I’ll look much better in 7 days.

Who knows, I might even be game enough to do a bikini photoshoot at the end of the week just to show off!

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