To blog is to practise.

It’s not cool to be neglecting my blog when I’ve vowed to post at least once a day! But work is absolutely getting crazier. I’m not overwhelmed yet thank goodness, but it’s getting quite harrowing to blog when my job itself entails so much writing. Boo tells me that I have to practise, practise and practise. And practise I will!

This post is a step into practising to blog everyday. I don’t even know why I bother so much, but this is such a huge part of my life now that I actually feel obliged to blog, albeit in a nice way. Every single post feels like an accomplishment these days. I could never get sick of the rush I get when I get a new comment. Even after 4 years.

Anyway, here’s one picture from the surprise birthday party for ST‘s 30th!

ST's 30th birthday.
Some of the folks at ST’s 30th birthday.

Can you name all of them? Hehehe.

The honeymoon’s over.

The honeymoon’s over. Work is popping up everywhere. 3 events in 2 days. More next month. It’s f-king awesome.

And it sure is great when the company of your favourite product approaches your for service too. I’m not revealing much but all I can say is, I’ll probably gain a lot of weight from it, LMAO.

I went thrift shopping with my boo’s mom. We got the same dress, size 14 for her and size 6 for me. RM39.90 for two! Hehehehe.

Here’s me posing in the dress with my ladybird jude bag gotten at a steal from the flea bazaar at The Curve. It’s only RM15.

Mind you it was 3am and I was in the midst of work. Repeat after me, camwhoring with fresh shopping loot is de-stressing.

Thrift shopping
Quirky, skanky and velvet ftw.

Thrift shopping 2
Coy pose with cold expression, not very ngam.

Thrift shopping 3
My new favourite bag

I’ve got quite a lot to post really but I need some time to gather me thoughts. My mind is everywhere!