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Starting a family with just one website.

I’m going 24 soon and my boo is EVEN OLDER. So you can’t blame me for thinking about starting a family, right? Ok, I admit it…I’m dying to be married off and be a lady of leisure. Sigh…I’m dying to do things like dolling up my kids and teach them to flip their middle fingers at annoying sales people (oops my secret is out).

And it’s so easy to start a family these days. You could practically do it with just one single website – Mudah.

See, if you want to get married, of course you need to propose to your better half right? That means you need to get a blinging ring and flowers also. This bouquet of flowers also comes with chocolates, more to seal the deal and enslave captivate the woman of your life.

Blinging ring.
Bling bling.


So if you managed to snag that love of your life, well….congratulations! If you still haven’t…well, could it be because you still haven’t got a house? To convince a girl that she could happily start a family with you, you could prove it to her by providing a stable abode. Maybe get yourself a nice cosy condominium before you pop the big question, ye know?

Cosy condo.
Cosy condo for the family.

Am sure by now you’d have succeeded with your marriage proposal. If not? Sorry lah, at least you got a ring, a condo and tonnes of chocolates to eat. Now it’s time to make your life with wifey more convenient…get a family car!

Family car.
For you, wifey and more new additions!

Now you’ve got a big car…it’s time to breed! Set free the swimmers…ho ho ho. When you got many, many babies, you need to be prepared also right? Safety is important so get a baby car seat for your family car.

Baby car seat.
Baby car seat. So pretty. Bright like an apple

Then what do you do when the babies won’t sleep? Who needs a foreign maid, just buy a baby bouncer thing! Instant snooze time, hello?

Boing boing boing.
Boing, boing, boing. ZZZZZ.

You could also find diapers for your spawns okay. Imported from Korea one and good for overnight use.

Important baby diapers. That’s not my baby, btw.

And lastly, for a secure, enviable life, get a vacation home. Preferably up the hills among the clouds. Like this yummy looking apartment here in Bukit Tinggi!

Vacation home.
Sleep amongst the clouds.

Ladies and gentleman, your life is perfect now.

Wait…not so fast.

Lets rewind back the tape a bit. How on earth you going to do all this proposing thing, buying house thing without having a date first? You would need a woman for proposing to begin with right!? Well, unfortunately you can’t get a date from just one website :(

I know this because I’ve tried….

Pay with the currency of love.
My ad rejected :(

Though rest assured, you’ll get every other things from Mudah lor… Hehehe.

p/s: Boo if you’re reading this, I absolutely think you should check out Mudah!!!

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