Ah Saint is only seven!

Last Friday was Saint’s 7th birthday. Yes, in spite of being happily married and having a 1 year plus old son, she’s only 7 this year. Some women have all the luck eh. I want to be young like that also -_-

So ThaiBoxingirl and I were bored out of our minds at home while counting the hours to attend the most exciting thing of the week, Saint’s birthday. While talking nonsense on MSN, the TBG suggested that we go shopping for party clothes.

And that we would stick to the budget of RM200. And that we would wear our best bag lady garb to shop. Awesome!

We met at The Curve at 12pm and then the journey began. I was pretty lucky, it didn’t take long for me to find the dress from a clearance sale right outside Metrojaya. There wasn’t even a fitting room for customers.

TBG at Sakae!

I hate to buy clothes where there’s no fitting room or when the clothes are not allowed to be tried on. I remember going to some shop in Berjaya Times Square and they won’t allow me to try the t-shirts. It’s like, good luck selling anything dumbass. Anyway…..yeah, I just put on the dress there and there….what to do. Since it fit me even an extra layer of clothes, I bought it.

And then I had my manicure and pedicure done. Watched the entire Nanny Diaries there. Scarlett Johansen is too hot for words. The manicurist was a bit of a n00b, while she was snipping off my cuticles she managed to cut my flesh -_-. I bled lah urgh. I think it’s because she talks too much. She wasn’t very bright either and it was quite a pain trying to keep up a conversation with her. You pay what you get eh?

Don’t think I’ll go back there. First she’s quite lazy, she refused to work on TBG claiming she’s the only person working. Ok fine. But when she was almost done with me right, a customer walked in and she refused to attend to her also. She told the lady that she’s got another customer to work on (ie: TBG) which was a lie. Then, she talked to the foreign helper like she’s above her or something. Wah I can just rip her face off okay.

We rested and had cupcakes. I love these cupcakes from Cupcake Chic although they’re a bit pricey but they’re heavenly!

Okay after that, we went to Padini Store at Ikano. And got major drama there, where I’ll leave TBG to tell the story because it’s her story hehehe (Oooh, she’s updated about the drama. Go read..quick quick!). After that, we got back to The Curve and I got me pair of black sequinned heels from Key Ng. One of my best buys in shoe shopping history!

Me entertaining myself at TriBeCa while TBG tried on some clothes.

Then went to Fitness First to freshen up and doll up!!! This is what your gym is for, hahaha.

Shopping loot.
Dress = RM 48. Shoes = RM39.90 (YESSS!) and mani/pedi= RM60. Total = RM147.90.

I am so proud of myself okay!

Shopped from 12pm to 9pm….then one hour to doll up and then we headed to Laundy Bar where the party was. I was already tired, LMAO.

Birthday Girl.
Birthday Saint and God.

KY and Nicholas.
KY and Nicholas trying on Saint’s new thong.

ST drinking.

Carol, me and KY.
Shoe brigade: Carol’s skull shoe, KY’s selipar and my RM39.90 very comfortable sequined heels. This KY wore selipar to Laundry wtf

Ah Saint
This 7 year old Ah Saint doing the lambo. So naughty!

Happy birthday Ah Saint!

17 thoughts on “Ah Saint is only seven!”

  1. hey, since you started on this, im going to blog about my DRAMA at Padini (i thought Vincci, no??)

    give me 20 mins after this and it will be up, uncensored!

    too bad we didnt take any photos lah WTF~~~

  2. eh leng lui, paiseh, i didn’t post my before pictures in my blog before, wtf was i thinking. -.-

    i will drop you guys the pictures as well as write about my bracing experience lah, give you all a rough idea. do wait! we’re repainting our house, so need some time to dig out the pics among the debris. XD

    btw OMG peep toes with decently low heels! i want!

  3. i LIKEEEEEEEE yr dressssssss!!!! Pls tell me got summore left!!!!! PLS PLS PLSSS i WANTTT. I LOVE babydolls!

  4. tbg: awesome!

    twosuperheroes: yeah it’s one of those great deals! thanks TBG for spotting it though ;)

    yahui: heh looking forward to your post ya. go to Key Ng, might have other good bargains :)

    sharon: i think i saw another in light brown! the clearance sale is just right outside the nike store inside The Curve. good luck!

  5. “Then went to Fitness First to freshen up and doll up!!! This is what your gym is for, hahaha”

    LOL. Last time I joined Fitness First, I remember the don’t provide a f**king towel. You brought your own?

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