Boob scare and stupid man.

sunny^kimberly says:
eh they can’t unscamble my mosaics pictures rite?

sunny^kimberly says:
i was atcually naked!

.: :. says:

.: :. says:
only for text

.: :. says:
can sometimes decipher the text underneath

.: :. says:
cos it produces reproduceable patterns

sunny^kimberly says:
ah okies

.: :. says:
not like anyway one has a database of boobs they can reverse engineer your squares too

sunny^kimberly says:

sunny^kimberly says:
just checking…scared mah


Had a fight with the boyfriend over dinner. I wanted to have lamb shank at Marmalade for the past week and he had said he would take me there. I was all made up and ready to go but he kept tapping on at his keyboard for Utopia -_-. After over an hour of waiting, I asked him whether we would still want to go out and you know what he did? He shrugged his shoulders and said, “guess so”. I got even more pissed! I only had two slices of garlic bread the whole day and was starving and was in no state of mind for complete apathy.

I waited for a little bit more, then I yelled, “fine” and ate two slices of bread, which were a bit stale. As I was chomping on the stale bread, I felt even more cheated. I mean, gawd, I drove all the way to his place to spend time with him and he would rather play his f–king Utopia. That game doesn’t even have moving graphics!

So I stopped chomping and started packing my clothes to head back to my parents’. He saw me packing and to his credit, he came out of his study and watched me pack. But listen to this, he just watched. Just watched ok, not a single word from his mouth, not a single apology. Didn’t even ask me to stay. What really really pissed me off was that he had the nerves to ask me to stay for several more days the day before. Arghhh.

Anyway, I got hungry again half way through packing and decided to finish up my stale bread. I felt so pathetic ok! Then I carried all my bags out and he still carried on watching and didn’t say a word. Men are stupid.

Finally I got into my car and was breathing sigh of relief. At least I could go back to where there is Astro on Demand and hokkienmee and where only I bully people and not get bullied.

As my car rolled barely 10 metres down the road, I started to hear this weird rumbling sound and then my car started veering to the left. Stopped the car and found a puncture on the front right tyre. F–k f–kity f–k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drove back and parked even further from where I parked before and had to haul my bags back in again.

Punctured tyre.
Punctured tyre.

Punctured tyre.

And found the boyfriend watching tv!

Anyway, long story short. We made up but of course, I made the initiative (need someone to fix the tyre omg). I ended up eating Micky D’s porridge and fried chicken.

I just need to find a way to delete Utopia from his life.

So, do you think I’m being unreasonable here? I do believe he’s just emotionally inept as with other men. Have your bf/hubbies driven you crazy like that? OMG tell me please cause I can feel another wave of rage coming up (I admit I’m a pyscho!).

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  1. Hang in there. such emo, ups and downs are part of life. after a night’s sleep, things will clear up. Kiss and make up are also part of life

    alternatively, u could do the same back to him the next time he wants to go out.

  2. actually utopia is damn addictive, i played it before too… had to log in every damn hour.. hehe

    the only solution is to join him. play utopia, trade an account to be in the same kingdom. then u guys can be addicted together and discuss utopia strats :P

    good luck!

  3. Aww… man Kim, after reading your post I can empathize with your situation (having experience this myself), but having a flat tire makes it even more miserable.

    Sometimes men do ask for “5 more minutes” – which usually means more. However, maybe your bf:

    1. Knows your temper, and rather wait for you to cool.

    2. Maybe he was having a bad day. So he made the mistake of shrugging it off.

    3. Maybe you’ve told him before in argument #X to shut up when you’re venting, and let you cool.

    Rather than keep it pent up inside as a “case study”, close it by telling him (along the lines of): look you shrugged off dinner, but you changed my tire – it doesn’t end there! Make it up by… [insert want], then we’re square.

  4. Aiyah, all men are like that la…. I suppose your bf just cannot comprehend why are you so upset and all the packing action is like a threat to him and men hate to be threatened. Infact, most men will feel the need to defend themselves (emotions?) when they are threaten and the only way they know how is to keep it cool and say nothing.

    So, for me la, I don’t threaten him. If I am hungry, I will just go eat. If he wants to come along, he comes, if he doesn’t that too bad. I wont wait and after a few rounds, he will get the message. When I say let’s go, it means LET’s GO NOW!

  5. Boss Stewie: YOUUUUUUUUU AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAVE A HEART!! Although i will say that was quite funny when i came to your comment.

    Kimberly: I completely feel your pain and understand you’re situation cause I’ve been in that before too with Mister G. gosh, it sucks man. I get that pathetic ditsy feeling all the time when i’m in Penang to visit him. But hey he’s there to see family but his means of family time is playing DOTA all day…. ish ish… so in a way I feel “in the way”.. peh.

    At least you both made up. So that’s a good sign :) even if it is just you wanting to get the tyre fix bwahahah

  6. Seriously, i dont think he’s that into u anymore! he watched u packed, he watched u leave without even saying a word. prolly in his mind he was like “yes, finally!” or smthg. besides, when u drove back in, he was still watching, he didnt even call u or anythg. Seriously, why give in? he’s obviuosly not into u. U mentioned u guys made up after that…well, that’s because u had a flat tyre n etc. imagine, if u didnt? imagine if u have drove straight home…what would happened? so think bout it. dont let guys like this make use of u. u deserve better

  7. people said a guy is like dat in a relationship where he is younger than e gal. dunno how true.

    else, in tis case, perhaps e addiction to utopia is too strong 4 a good judgment of ur needs at dat time. hehe! guys dun sleep over computer games – expecially when u reached e crucial part, me included. even a tsunami attack will not stop me 2 finish dat critical part!

  8. i know how u feel. i spent 2 hours once; waiting for my bf to pick me up. everytime i called, its was “i’m still in the house”, “sending the car for wash”, “on my way”.

    The most annoying thing was he called again to say “cancel la, i got things to do” but he didn’t actually, he just wanted to annoy the hell out of me.

    He was in front of my house; when he made that stupid phone call.

  9. OMG I would really blow if my guy does that to me (though i’m single at the moment). He sounds so ignorant! It’s never good to ignore girls when they are talking to you… and he did a really bad thing *sweat*

    Well it’s your personal relationship life! Won’t comment too much here but I feel you girl!

  10. If they do unscramble it they’ll be disappointed to find it was really my naked body in that picture. [Actually, disappointed isn’t the word … nauseous probably is.] :-)

    Nastasshea – If you blow for a BF treating you that way then every guy will just to get a blow from you. :-) Or did I misunderstand something???

  11. You know, being couldn’t-care-less like that is actually a wonderful trait for a father (or mother) of young kids. Can really out-stubborn a 5 year old.

    But I’m not sure if that’s such a good thing in a relationship situation loh.

  12. wat!! u are naked in those two pictures??! waaaAAAaa!!!!!
    wait a min.. naked as in fully unclothe!??:)
    hehhee…better becareful, u wont wanna end up like edison chen scandal ..
    anyway.Just F(*(*ing talk to that guy if u feel what he did really bugged u! nothing is better then a calm reasonable open minded face to face heart to heart talk.
    got it??!

  13. hehehe. Guys are all the same.
    i was promised a nice Jap dinner one night. He ended up playing Wii *note: HIM VS COM* the whole night!!!
    totally empathize with u. Wait till he discover Urban Terror.

  14. freakfromuranus: thanks babe, knew i’m not the only one! :(

    long pants: thanks long pants. then again, i guess an eye for an eye would make the whole world blind. we do encourage each other to be open to communication but as humans we couldn’t stick to our own words sometimes

    cass: omg u big nerd -_-

    vagus: you’re committing the same crime…..die computer games die!

    nicholas: wtf have you been hearing our conversations next door? hahaha no. 2 was spot on. utopia soothes him i guess -_- we do try to compromise all the time lah..he’s not as bad as i made him out to be hehehe

    notty gurl: i tried your way but i behtahan!!!! haha

    boss: just you wait….

    aronil: yeah!! boss so bad right! yeah what is with guys and computer games? you don’t see us girls obsessing our stuff like that right

    qwerty: awww..he’s really not that bad, promise! but i really want to thank you for your concern :)

    diehardx: he’s older than me!!!! thing is i personally feel that men, whether they are 18 or 80 will always be 8 at heart!

    shari: ahahha bedebah one your bf!

    ice-milo: wtffffffff he’s trying to be funny issit???

    ky: issit…you dare to try with hot chick or not?

    nastasshea: he’s not always like that. only when he’s waging war on Utopia or losing a couple of hundreds of acres in land -_-

    dabido: you really dunno what rocks whose boat! and don’t bully nastasshea you!

    suertes: not good in the long run of course. any suggestion how to annihilate computer games from one’s life? haha

    me: i had to unplug my internet modem when i was editing my pictures. i hope i’m safe haha….time will tell.

    wenqi: agreeee! they are pembuli-s

    belle: wtf not even playing with you in wii -_-? wtf is urban terror don’t lah put ideas into my bf’s head, he’s reading this!

  15. Way to go!

    Naysayer that prophecizes the coming of the end of your relationship over this: doesn’t understand what a relationship is!

    PS. Can’t believed you disconnected your modem. I lol’ed :D

  16. Kim, i think he wants 2 revenge becos for the RM50 one kiss i feel so stiff when he kissss..wuold u? at least ur bf is nicer and keep silent when u angery so u can calm down..

    but when im high temp,he will serious even if he will be flying for overseas biz trip…but we not rich la, just staying in his father’s damn old

  17. wtf right? apparently i’m not much of a challenge in Wii, compared to the com. Plus he’s tired of me hitting him in reality while losing virtually.

  18. nicholas: yeah no relationships are perfect!

    icemilo: money is the root of all evil!

    aronil: yeah..why cant they be obsessive about us instead? hehe

    suertes: thanks for the luck -_-

    belle: hahahha. work it babe, beat him at wii!

  19. I pity the person who finds my body attractive enough to jump my bones. lol
    I wasn’t picking on Natasshea. Just thought she’d give me a blow … um, okay, now I’m getting crude and silly.

  20. Well, look on the bright side, all these little fights sometimes helps to teach both parties tolerance and giving in to each other.

    Anyway, utopia is t3h evi1. I used to get hooked on it really bad, as in waking up at odd hours for the game and etc etc. Ogame is another one of those “text base simulation” games which I also got hooked on.

    Oh well, guess those days are gone. Got hooked on Dota which is kinda ok as that someone in fact doesn’t mind watching me play dota all day long. Kinda fun having someone criticize me for my gaming mistakes lol. And it has even become some kind of bridge for us as we do talk about it at times.

    Maybe you could try to learn utopia to really understand whats so addictive about it. Like they always say, if you can’t beat them, join them. :D

  21. moons: aww that’s so sweet of your gf :) well, i’ve tried joining dota when he was hooked on it and i really sucked at it…always caused him to lose. so yeah i don’t think my gaming skills will be able to make us bond together lor!

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