Most fantastic video ever.

Click to watch the best video ever.

Let me guess, watching this video that exudes exuberance fantasticism has left you wanting more…craving more, right?

I know, I do have that effect on people…

Anyway, I’m still buzzing from the very moment Lokman told me over MSN that he’s giving me his tix because he couldn’t miss golf to passing them to me at his office to doing the video and now. Let me reiterate, Lokman is da best, I <3 da Lokman and I'm so hyper now. I cannot sleep. It actually feels like back when I was a kid about to board my very first plane. w00t! Ok, before I try to go back to attempt sleeping, check out what I've prepared for tomorrow and yes, the oh so precious tix. Le sigh.... Picnic mats.
Picnic mats. Can fit about 25 people’s buttocks.

Live & Loud - Turn on the pop.
Live & Loud – Turn on the Pop!

14 thoughts on “Most fantastic video ever.”

  1. Wow, you speak so very well! *impressed*.

    Thanks for the correction of pronunciation. Never having previously come accross a “choon”, and from the spelling would understandably have pronounced it to rhyme with hun, fun, done, one, son, sun, bun, tonne, run, spun, etc.

    Whitney Houston? There isn’t a bulldozer powerful enough to get me along to see her. If I went, it would only be to improve domestic harmoney, or perhaps to hideout somewhere that nobody would think of looking for me ;-)

  2. hey kimberlyc”H”un!! hahha… it’s kinda pitchy if u asked me..and too much vibratOOoooOOoo… or was it due to nervousness.. :)anyway.. u need more practise girl… not to good this time.

  3. good effect. you talk the way my cousin does. dont know about the singing though. here’s some food for thot, a tripod or something to hold the video would be good and better lighting and make up? i like the way you look in your photos – you always look so young and fresh faced but you looked much older here. I blame the lighting.

  4. i must say ur pronunciation is like ur from Kuen Cheng school. Help us and dont post video blogs anymore please!! alsothese ppl are all liars, and i think they just wanna screw you.

  5. elizabeth: hehe thanks, you’re too kind.

    crysV: is the most fantastic video ever…hahaha

    steve: eh eh…whitney is worth watching! surely those drug abuse have added street credit to her reputation

    anonymouze: i watched Rain in concert too..he was great but being seated took away 1/2 the fun.

    leech: thanks babe!

    kelv: dont think i was nervous lor. ur the 1st person that thinks my voice is pitchy..good :D

    suanie: u should…got beer.

    icednyior: yes..lokman is da man!

    deriku: i was shaking like hell…but it’s a good camera with antishake :)

    zewt: believe it..

    sweetheart: it was an impromptu thing i was just sitting in bed next to the bedside lamp. no makeup lah. thanks for blaming the lighting..i am not a spring chicken after all haha

    subi: yakah..soli least i pwetty wor

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