Unmemorable trip to Perth.

I chanced upon this news. Walaneh…I stayed at Lee Gardens Hotel before. It’s a cool place and now it’s reduced to a shadow of its former self. What the flying?

So typical. Just get on with life cannot is it? Is it so damn hard? Have to kill this person, that person, burn flags, bomb people and shit. Kamikaze so fun ya? Ya ya, die already go to heaven can get your cock sucked everyday is it?


Swan River.

My stay at Perth was quite unmemorable. I had chinese food for lunch (ack….) and Japanese food for dinner (errr…). I didn’t even bother to have breakfast.

Didn’t go anywhere. Just took the Red Cat to Murray Street. What is Red Cat? It’s the name of one of the city’s shuttle bus routes. They have Yellow Cat and Green Cat too. The best thing about this city shuttle service is that, it’s entirely F.O.C! Best…

Inside the Red Cat.

The Red Cat’s exterior.

Murray Street.

Went to have my lunch at this nice chinese restaurant called Chi. The portion was big and the food was quite delicious!

Good Chi.

Poser with the menu.

My delicious wantanmee.

My colleague’s hot pan beef thingy. This was damn tasty.

After lunch, we went to Woolworths, a supermarket beneath the restaurant. I refrained from buying loads of junk food. But I did buy some dirt cheap muesli and a few Cherry Bounty’s (ooh la la). As I was browing for macademias for the Suan, I came across this packet of cashews.

Anything suspicious? Look closely….

Acccck! A strand of hair trapped inside the packet -_-

By the way Suan, didn’t get you macademias…SO EXPENSIVE SIAL. I bought you Beernuts instead. When I more rich first k?

Left Woolworth’s at dinner time, decided to tarpao some sashimi back to hotel..

My dinner: Salmon sashimi, a box of Australian strawberries and Mini Cheezels! Mini Cheezels is damn good…can pwn Super Ring and local Cheezels.

Strawberry with sexual connotation.

After so much food, my bowel cried for some relief. While doing my business, I noticed something…..

Hahaha, doesn’t only happen in Malaysia ;D

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