It’s not about you, I’m just jealous!

Another argument over the same issue. How the fuck am I supposed to explain why I’m jealous. I just bloody am. Am I insecure? I don’t know, maybe. Truth is, it’s not even about you. But it would have hurt if I had said that, wouldn’t it?

I think women are just generally competitive, please correct me if I’m wrong. We’re constantly comparing, who have better hair, who have leaner arms, who’s got a better personality, who’s more intelligent and the list goes on forever. It’s just something that we do, consciously or unconsciously.

Sometimes, you don’t even know this person but you develop a dislike towards her, just because she has better hair and she flirts like a ho (although nobody sees through that except you!) and then, you build on the dislike from snippets of accounts by other people who had contact with this person. And BAM, a fresh villain is born!

But you know it’s jealousy. I know it’s jealousy and it is unwarranted. But 99% of the time I just let my inner bitch goes around her own business as long as she doesn’t screw up my day-to-day life. That is till your boyfriend/husband or good friend decides to fuel your jealousy. “Hey, that girl’s got nice hair”.

I went fucking livid. “Shut up, I don’t want to hear her being talked about favourably in our house”. “Why, I’m just stating a fact. She’s got nice hair. You’re with me and I want only you”. War ensues.

You get my gist?

Of course, this is not just about hair, it’s only a hypothetical situation. I don’t expect men to understand that, especially not self-absorbed men. But ladies, do you get this as well?

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