ZOMG I’m 23!

I’m officially approaching the mid-20s. 23 is such a foreign number to me, I still refer to myself as a 21 year old in conversations, it’s so embarassing. Funny though, I don’t feel any different from 1 or 2 years ago. I still feel like a spoilt little girl (which I am haha). Celebrated my birthday in the best way possible, with my family and boyfriend.

First birthday card of the year.

My parents bought me nice Korean dinner, my brothers bought me a cheesecake and my boo bought me 4 presents: 3 books (which I totally want, and they have nothing to do with a pre-pubescent wizard boy), an electronic toothbrush (which I have wanted for the longest time but never got around to buy it,so romantic right?), an epilator (an obvious attempt to stop me from using his shaver lololol) and a Boss perfume (love the scent, absolutely love the bottle).

Korean dinner courtesy of the folks.

Birthday cake from the sibs.

The very first birthday present I got that I can still remember today was a Barbie. I had bugged my Dad incessantly for it. I ended up cutting all its hair off in an attempt to give a boyfriend to my new Hawaiian Barbie the year after. After about 3 Barbies, I outgrew them and began to ask for the nerdiest birthday gifts. Things like microscope set (if you recognised the ones in Toys R Us today, well, they haven’t changed at all), encyclopedias and freakin’ Saidina game (local version of Monopoly). Then I read my uncle’s Guinness Book of Records, an edition from the early 70s.

For a few years, all I ever wanted every year was that year’s edition of Guinness World of Records. My addiction stopped at 1996, IMHO the greatest edition of the book ever. Robert Wadlow was the tallest man that ever lived then. The most expensive hotel then was MGM in Las Vegas. And Pulau Batu Hairan was the newest island in the world then ;)

The 1996 edition had a feature of silly record attempts on its last page. Sadly, many of those “silly record attempts” have been passed off as real record attempts on the television series nowadays.

In 1996, I also received my very first computer. A Compaq Presario, with 1.15g hdd. And the following year I got Internet dialup connection. Throw in some pretty chronic Internet/mIRC addiction, poor self esteem and teenage angst and you get a totally f-up teenager. It is due to this phase that I hope I will never get a daughter in the future.

Anyway, I’ve grown so much since, mentally and horizontally. I met my bf, whom I will credit for my fabulous life. He centres me, and he had a hand in helping me and Mom communicate. My relationship with my Dad and brothers also got so much better because I’ve become a much tolerable person.

Our heights are completely disproportionate to our age.

Boo and birthday girl.

At this point, I’m rediscovering myself again. Finding out what I really want and setting out to do it. I’ve never felt so sure about what I wanted and I feel it now. The best thing is, I know I can just take a chance and if things don’t go as I desire, my family and bf will always be there to catch me and love me for being a goof.

Birthday presents!

Happy Birthday to me!

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