Employed again and Rain.

So I’ve decided to stop bumming and got myself a job. I was damn hesitant to take it, because the office is freaking far and the area and the areas along the way to the area are notorious for traffic jams. I hesitated for a good 4 hours after getting the email offer. I have enough savings to last me a year if I shopped a little lesser and eat a little lesser but I don’t want to shop a little lesser or eat a little lesser. So how? Accept the job lor, right?

And now, after working for about a week, I’m pretty sure that I’ve made the right decision. Yes, getting stuck in a bloody jam to and back everyday is no funny business, AT ALL. It doesn’t help matter that whenever I try to wake up earlier to beat the jam, traffic accidents would somehow increase accordingly, thus causing even longer jams and reach office even later. Funny right? Murphy’s law bleh……it’s Malaysia’s law.

A week at work is too early to tell, of course. But colleagues are smart and easygoing, which is best. At my previous job, some of the people thought that the currency in Manchester is Euros and Los Angeles is a country of its own. So you can imagine my relief.

I’m ignoring my blog, I know. But I can’t help it. Work is a lot as it is, and apparently I haven’t seen nothing yet. So I’m predicting that this blog will experience long stretches of inactivity. Then again, whenever I announce some form of blogging hiatus, I would almost always come back blogging even more. Talk about being a slut.


Rain concert
was quite blah. He’s as cute as he is on tv. At one point, while working the crowd, I swear I could hear him greeting Singapore instead of Malaysia (incidentally, he just got back from Singapore then). Potong stim sial…

Sitting through 2 hours of heart-thumping music isn’t exactly my kind of thing. Results: Butt ache and a massive insatiable urge to dance. Mom’s really happy though, that’s most important. I think I’ll just stick to the cheap ass tickets where the seating would be exactly underneath someone else’s armpit.

Here are some pictures…

Yeah, pictures damn small I know. Camera only 3X zoom :(

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