Signs of age.

Think the taekwondo thing is a tad too ambitious for me. I’ve only been to one class and already the stretching sessions have rendered me semi-crippled. Oh my gawd, I’m getting old.

I’ll be going to the second class tomorrow and hopefully my muscles will get use to it.

Gado-gado and mixed satays.

Just got back from Jakarta. I was too lazy to go anywhere. So I just stayed in my room, pigged out on room service and HBO. Missing in pictures are the fried bananas and cheese platter (which was a rip-off because I asked for brie only and I’m certain they gave me cheddar instead). I don’t really like cheddar on its own, it’s only nice for grilled cheese sandwich.

So when I got home, I ripped open my prized Danish Blue and saltines. Soaked my grapes (this sounds so wrong) and then pigged out on cheese again!!!! I’m going to get high blood pressure from all the fat and salt. But at least I’ll die happier.

Body ache, room service and stinky cheese…if these are not signs of aging, what is?

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